Are "mail flow" rules substitution for Journalling + Send Connector

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I need to setup global mail forwarding (both incoming and outgoing messages) in Exchange (on premise 2013-2016) to external SMTP server.


The recommended way is "Journalling + Send Connector". But SMTP receives messages wrapped into attachments (doublechecked them with Thunderbird). I haven't found any options to make Exchange send messages unmodified. Disabling TNEF doesn't help.


Found another way to forward: mail flow - Create a new rule and so on.


So, my questions are: Is it OK to forward large amounts of transit mail in Exchange with "mail flow"? 


Or is it possible to unwrap attaches and get original form of messages with journalling?

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I haven't ever seen an issue with using Exchange journaling (both standard and premium) and a connector. It's worked fine with every vendor I've worked with, both on-premises solutions and cloud solutions. Are you using standard journaling (at the database level) or premium journaling?