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Looks like there appear to be an issue or Microsoft changed the process of how the archive mailboxes provisioned. we have been noticing this few months that even after running enable-mailbox command on user, their archive mailboxes are not being provisioned and archive status in exchange shows NONE after several months. we have to manually enable archive using admin center to rovision archive mailbox. we have a automated process scheduled using PowerShell that enables Archive for new-hire and apply retention policy according to their BU but seems like the command has no effect on user mailbox anymore.


does anybody noticed or had a same experience?

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Hey there!
Do you use the Switch -Archive in your script? I use this and have not had any issues.
Do you run a hybrid setup, Exchange Server only or Exchange Online only?
See example below

Enable-Mailbox -Identity "email address removed for privacy reasons" -Archive
I am using the same PS command in my script but seems like that has on effect on user mailboxes. We found out about 100 or more mailboxes and re-ran this command against all these mailboxes and still their archives state set to none. We don’t have hybrid exchange and all our mailboxes are on EXO.
Do you get any errors, or any feedback at all after running the command?
The automated process, the account that runs that, does it still have the correct admin permissions? It needs to have the Mail Recipients role in order to provision archive mailboxes.

That may be grasping at straws but maybe could help :) Otherwise I'd recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft, because I have ran this command successfully just the other day so it still works.

Let me know how it goes!
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Thanks Oliwer.

automated script check the default MRM and apply our custom retention including enabling archive for new hires. I will start running the command manually to see if archive gets provisioned as before. the automated script has been running since last few years and never had any issues before. not sure if something changed on Microsoft side.
No worries! Let me know how it goes :)
Hopefully the command works manually, maybe the script needs a refresher ;)

Which type of Exchange Online license is assigned to the user accounts affected?

@Thomas Stensitzki 


we have M365 E5 license assigned to all users.