Archive emails to a locked archive for a Shared Mailbox.

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Is it possible to archive old emails to a locked archive for a Shared Mailbox (so that messages are retained and stored, but not accessible to every user)?


I'd like to apply this to a number of Shared Mailboxes that are accessed widely. I'd like to archive all messages over 3 months old so that standard users of the mailbox can only see the latest 3 months emails (but all emails are available to admin users in the archive).


Possible or pipe dream?

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By default, the only way to access the Online Archive for a shared mailbox is to add it (the shared mailbox) as separate account in Outlook (via File > Add account). No other method will expose the Online archive, so if your users are getting access to it via Automapping or adding it as additional mailbox, the archive will remain "hidden". Do keep in mind that Online archive for a shared mailbox requires Exchange Online plan 1 license though.

Oh, and they will be also able to access it via OWA > Open another mailbox.
Thanks for taking the time to consider this - and for the reply. I guess there are certainly ways to make it "appear" like you don't have access to the archive . . . but I want to lock it. Effectively I don't want new users of the shared mailbox to be able to hunt through 10 years worth of information on business and clients. But new users need access to the newer emails in the shared mailbox to so their jobs. I need access to all the data to do mine.

Perhaps the only way is export older emails periodically and delete them from the shared mailbox . . . but I don't like the sound of the admin and mess of doing that . . . .
No way to "lock" it, sorry.