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I receive an invitation to a meeting from someone.  

I can then forward that invitation to another user which serves to invite that 3rd party to the same appointment. 

This often causes confusion because the 3rd party receives the invitation FROM the user who created the appointment - my name appears nowhere on the email.

The forwarded invitation really should indicate FROM: [me] ON BEHALF OF [Appointment Originator]

To eliminate the confusion I am forced to either phone or email the user I'm trying to add to the meeting, to inform that I'm going to send along the invite.

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Actually the invite does show that you forwarded it. Generally not on the mobile, but in Outlook it does show.

That's the expected behavior, at least in clients that support it - that way the Organizer of the meeting is notified and the meeting is updated to include additional participants. As Loryan mentioned though, this behavior might be different on mobiles, depending on the app used.


As a workaround you can simply send the invite as attachment, however the recipients will then not receive any possible future updates/reschedules/etc.

I'm using Outlook 2013 on Exchange 2010.  I just tested again.  Party A created an appointment and invited Party B.  Party B forwarded it to Party C. 

- Party C received the appointment and it shows as FROM: Party A (no mention of Party B)

- Party  A received a notification that Party B invited Party C

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