Anyone faced this issue with archive mailbox?

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Anyone using EWS faced this issue before?

Failed to get mailbox session - ErrorNonExistentMailbox

This is for archive mailbox.


The Following checks have been made:

Archive Mailbox exists in OWA (Outlook Web Application)

Mailbox username is added to Global Address List

Mailbox has adequate License


The above are the most common recommendation I could gather from articles online, have already tried.

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The only time we've have run into issues with archive mailboxes and EWS is when the auto-expanding archives functionality is used.

@Vasil Michev Many Thanks for that insight!

Was there any successful resolution to that?



Not sure if there was any, as EWS seems to have limited support for auto-expanding archives, But again, that was specific for them, "regular" archives should be fine.