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Hello everyone,

I am on assignment with a client as an Exchange administrator. In fact, there is a first Administration which carried out the migration of all mailboxes from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online.

My task is to verify that the configuration of Exchange Online is correct following Microsoft's recommendations.

Do you have any idea about this type of mission? Please help me it’s urgent.

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@mlaminedouba Exchange Online is a cloud service, so is already configured following Microsoft's recommendations. You make sure that SPF/DKIM/DMARC is implemented and configured correctly for message authentication, and look at your EOP policies to make sure they are configured appropriately (this site has some recommended policy settings).

What you may want to suggest is securing the Microsoft 365 tenant effectively, but that would involve not just the Exchange administrator. First step is MFA/conditional access, then look at the other security products from there (some can be found here).

hello Dear,
Thankh you very much for your help