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we are a small nonprofit multi-generation house and have been granted several accounts from microsoft incl. the exchange cloud server. We have an external email server and forward incoming emails of several employees to the exchange server. These employees work with the O365 account and send emails from the O365 account. 

This setup generally works but we have some issues with employees / volunteers who also use the external email server. The issue is that internal emails which are sent from the O365 account are only delivered "exchange internally". I.e. these emails do not reach the external mail server. 

What I would like to acchieve now is that all emails that are sent from the O365 accounts are routed externally, so these (incl. the internal emails) are hitting the external mail server (and then are forwarded again to the O365 accounts). 

Possible? If so, how? :)


The obvious solution, moving all accounts to the exchange server is not possible as we have only 10 free licences from microsoft but about 20 volunters who use our email system. Its for us not financially feasible to buy more accounts. Hence the "Hybrid" setup. 


Thank you so much for any helpful comments. 

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