Allowing user to edit their profile

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Is there any way to allow user to edit their own profile information such as Names, Job title...etc
Possible to create access rights for the HR to edit on behalf?

I tried create User Roles and assign it to the user, but it is not working.

Any workaround?



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It's possible, to an extent, via Role Assignment policies:

It depends on the underlying directory as well, so thing will differ in Exchange vs Exchange Online. And some properties, such as Title, are not editable by end users (everyone will be a CEO otherwise).

@Vasil Michev 


Yes, that is where I tried. The user is assigned with the "Default Role Assignment Policy". And the role by default comes with profile updating right. But OWA still indicates no such permission to update profile. 






Seems this is an expected behavior. Have you checked the below post ? 


Either we should have an another way to provide permission or else Microsoft need to update Role assignment policy documentation .

@Kevin Morgan 

Yes. I am aware that user is not allowed to change.

But is there a higher "roles" or partial "admin-rights" that can be assigned such profile updating access to a manager/HR to handle all the staff profile instead? Since HR of the company handle such affairs.

And in the mean time, not releasing the complete admin rights to the HR.





I have checked with Global admin account, the admin account also can't able to update their own profile from OWA (account page - Hope this feature is completely restricted from user profile page and it can be updated only through Admin center.


But Microsoft also mentioned the same details in the below thread. So, we have to double check that we have not overlooked any settings.

@Kevin Morgan 

Thanks for your response. Do ping me if you come across any workaround. I have run out of idea, on where else can this features be "enable".