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I want to book 52 meetings in the same meeting room, same day of the week and same time. If there are less than 5 conflicts, meetings must be accepted for those without conflicts and rejected for those with conflicts. If there are more than 5 conflicts, all meetings must be rejected. I run the following Powershell command, but here all meetings are rejected, even if there are only 3 conflicts


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "room name" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllowConflicts $false -MaximumConflictInstances 5 -EnableResponseDetails $true

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The issue you're facing may be related to the `Set-CalendarProcessing` parameters you're using. You have set `AllowConflicts` to `$false`, which means that the room will not allow any conflicts, and that's why all meetings are getting rejected. If you want to allow meetings with fewer than 5 conflicts while rejecting those with more than 5 conflicts, you should set `AllowConflicts` to `$true`.

Here's how you can modify your PowerShell command to achieve the desired behavior:


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "room name" -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept -AllowConflicts $true -MaximumConflictInstances 5 -EnableResponseDetails $true

With this configuration, the room will accept meetings with fewer than 5 conflicts and reject meetings with more than 5 conflicts. Make sure to adjust the other settings as needed to meet your specific requirements.

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Hi @LeonPavesic 


Thanks for your reply.


I have now changed to $true. Now my meeting is accepted but I got an email which inform me that there is 7 conflicts ! I used -MaximumConflictInstances 5 so I though the meeting was rejected.


The AllowConflicts parameter specifies whether to allow conflicting meeting requests. Valid values are:



Conflicts are allowed. A recurring meeting series is accepted regardless of whether any occurrences conflict with existing bookings. The values of the ConflictPercentageAllowed or MaximumConflictInstances parameters are ignored.

The allowconflicts parameter, should be set to false if you want to also use the MaximumConflictInstances parameter. Also note that the conflicting occurrences are declined and you will get notifications specifically for those instances. If this isn't the behaviour you are seeing, you might need to log a ticket with Microsoft as it is not working as designed and documented