Address Lists Filtering Based on Group Membership in Exchange Online

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Hi, I'm hoping someone here can assist on this. I am working on a project to create segmented "All Distribution Lists" and "All Contacts" address lists in an organization. There are two groups in the organization that should have access to separate lists of DLs and Mail Contacts. We do not have an AD attribute we can use to filter this. But instead, we created groups (standard DLs) that have the appropriate objects that the group should see.




Group1 group has as its members DLGroup1 and MailContact1

Group2 group has as its members DLGroup2 and MailContact2.


Then, we have defined recipient filters (rather basic) based on the default All Distribution Groups and All Contacts groups. See below for a sample based on the DLs


All Distribution Lists: ((Alias -ne $null) -and (ObjectCategory -like 'group'))

Group1 Distribution Lists: ((((Alias -ne $null) -and (ObjectCategory -like 'group'))) -and (MemberOfGroup -eq 'CN=Group12848384948,,OU=Microsoft Exchange Hosted Organizations,DC=NAMPR99A999,DC=prod,DC=outlook,DC=com'))


However, the end result is that the the DLGroup1 is not a member of the address List Group1 Distribution Lists. It is only a member of All Distribution Lists and other system defaults as shown:


\All Distribution Lists
\Offline Global Address List
\All Groups(VLV)
\All Recipients(VLV)
\Default Global Address List


Does anyone have experience with using the MemberOfGroup condition in this manner? It is listed as a supported one, and I have verified that my DN of the relevant group is accurate. I waited 24 hours after creation as well. Thank you if anyone can assist.

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Did you "touch" the objects? Updating AL membership in Exchange Online is not automatic, as detailed here:
That was the issue, thank you very much Vasil. Once I modified the objects that were a member of the DL, then the filter worked as intended.