Add virtual application on Exchange 2019

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Hi all !


We have two servers, a mail gateway based on PMG and a mail server based on Exchange 2019.

PMG has an API. I would like to create an additional page, by analogy with OWA and ECP, on which API requests would be executed. At the moment, I am considering setting up a custom page that is necessary for users to work with quarantine PMG at the expense of the API. I do not consider working with the quarantine PMG web interface.


At the same time, authorization on the page must be configured by analogy with OWA and ECP.

Tell me, is it possible to organize such functionality without disrupting the operation of the current directories and virtual applications of the server Exchange ?


Thank you !

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Would not recommend you to mess with virtual directorys in Exchange.
Might interfere or block you from future Security Updates or Cumulative Updates.
I think it's better to create a separate Website that calls the API.