ActiveSync Delegate access on iOS Devices

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I'm trying to update the way we manage mailboxes on our assistants iOS devices. At the moment, a PA will have 2 or 3 mailboxes on their phones, each one with the full username/passwords of the managers they look after. This is obviously a pain to administer and terrible security practice. Is there any way to manage this properly, using the PA's delegate permissions? Thanks, Jake
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ActiveSync does not support delegate access.

And, Outlook for IOS (with Intune and conditional access ) won't either. this is a need not yet solved by many of us.
You could use IMAP to achieve access to multiple mailbox on a mobile device. Settings for IMAP Configuration: EMAIL ADDRESS: (shared mailbox) PASSWORD: John Smith's Password (user's password) IMAP SERVER: (imap server) SMTP SERVER: (smtp server) USERNAME:\ (user\shared mailbox)