Activating transfer for antispam policy creates HTTP 500 errors

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I am trying to allow my user to transfer their mail to other domains. To do so, I am changing the settings of the antispam for outgoing mail (activate the automatic transfer).


However it triggers 2 errors (Error code 500), stating that must activate Enable-OrganizationCustomization, and then that this operation is not needed because customization is already enabled.


But in the end if I open again the Exchange settings, transfer is not activated at all. Any idea?

Capture du 2022-01-10 13-38-24.png


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Try using PowerShell and the Set-HostedOutboundSpamFilterPolicy cmdlet.
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Apparently the setting is taken into account anyway, but we just need to wait for a few hours.

Still, getting such error in the UI is no good. @Arindam Thokder FYI.

@Vasil Michev - This seems to be a problem with Enable-OrganizationCustomization cmdlet we see often - If not enabled, the tenant is not hydrated and cannot edit settings. Can you create a support case so Support can bug it to PG?
Support case #‎29197574‎ now open!