Accessing public folder favorites

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Seeing that Outlook desktop and Outlook on the web (or OWA, depending on version) do not support the same types of public folders (or folders added to Favorites) we wanted to talk about what is expected behavior when public folders are used. We have seen some questions around this so – let’s clear it up!

Public folder types supported by different clients

Outlook supports public folders of following types:

  • Calendar
  • Contact
  • InfoPath Form
  • Journal
  • Mail and Post
  • Note
  • Task

OWA supports only the following public folder types:

  • Mail and Post
  • Calendar
  • Contact

Adding public folder to favorites using Outlook or OWA

Adding public folders to Favorites is slightly different depending on the client. Please see this article which explains how to do it in the respective client.


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Learn more on the Exchange Blog.

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We are an Office 365 online (no on-prem) tenant only.  Please confirm that Exchange public folder Calendar favorites are accessible via Outlook online/on the web.  I do not typically use outlook online so this is not a feature I personally use regularly but in Outlook 2016 I have a handful of public folders.  I recall being so happy when I was able to share with my end users that these were also now available in Outlook on the web.  HOWEVER today I am being notified by users that public folder shared calendars are NOT working via the web.  I have a support ticket open and spent way to long on the phone already with MS.   Can someone please confirm that public folder shared calendar favorites work or did work online.  Thank you.

I can confirm that Public Folder calendars do work for Outlook on the Web in Office 365 (as recently as last week). It could either be your configuration changed or that there is indeed an issue on Microsoft's side. A support ticket is your best bet. Good luck!

I really appreciate the quick response and will report back here if/when Microsoft gets this fixed for us.  We have made no configuration changes. - Christine