$5/mo to create new Active User in Office 365 Business Essentials?

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I currently pay $5/month for Office 365 Business Essentials and I have my primary work email address (John@mycompany.com) that I use for regular emails. This is the only active account.


Now I need to create a 2nd email address. Does Microsoft charge $5/month for every email address added?

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There are plenty of free services you can use for sending messages if you're not OK with this. It's a bad idea to use O365 for bulk sending messages anyway.

I don't bulk send message, so I've edited the question.

Do I need to pay $5/mo for every email address I add to my account?

No, you can have up to several hundred aliases associated per single mailbox. But in your case, obviously not a good idea to use the same mailbox if you are going to be sharing the credentials.

@Vaughn Myers what do you need the new address for?


To receive mail, but not send, add it as an alias to your mailbox.   


If you are using it for things likes sales@domain and may want to send from it, you can use a shared mailbox. But if you need 3rd party services, like quickbooks to send as the address, you may need a license. 


If another person will be using it, you will need a license.