452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources (UsedVersionBuckets[F:\Exchsrvr\TransportRoles\data\Queue\ma

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Hi team,

We have the subjected error message generated from an application trying to send mails, i understand this is an issue due to usedversionBuckets from Backpressure rejecting the messages of application.


However, my concern is we have a pool of exchange servers sitting behind the load balancer smtp-relay, and i am not sure how to check on which exchange server rejected the mail from this application, through technet i got to know that we will have to look for Event ids 15004 & 15005. but, we have around 60 exchange servers and not sure how to check which exchange server amongst these rejected the mails

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Hi there, the way I have accomplished this over the years has been to setup event forwarding from all the servers, to one centralized place, specifically for the 15004-15007 events. The way you do this is in Event Viewer on your target/central system, go to Subscriptions and setup exactly 1 subscription. In that subscription, select all those 60+ Exchange servers and specify the event IDs you want.
When the forwarded events come in, you can see the computer name nice and easily.

Now, if you could please tell me - what is the proper way to resolve frequent UsedVersionBuckets exceeding the thresholds, I would be very appreciative. I don't find much for good info on this. More RAM seems like it would just add to the problem. Better CPU? more servers? - anything more appealing available for tactics to try?