365 Mailbox deleted need to Auto reply/forward to new employee

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We have a new CFO who needs emails that are still being sent to the former CFO. This is the first time I have worked with 365, and I cannot figure out how to either forward to the new CFO or setup an Auto reply message. 

I do not have access to the Exchange.

I do have access to the AD and Microsoft 365 admin center.

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Has the former CFO’s account and mailbox been deleted?
If yes, you can add the former CFO’s email address as an alias on the new CFO’s account.

This will then allow email sent to the old CFO to be delivered to the new CFOs mailbox.



Thank you for your reply.

The mailbox has been deleted. The AD account has only been disabled.

Would that be former CFO’s email address as an alias in the ad attributes proxyaddresses?