2 GAL entries for 1 shared mailbox

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Using Office365 only, NO On-Premise Exchange server.
We have a shared mailbox with Primary/default SMTP alias of CAREERS.
Was asked to create a new additional alias of RecruitingTeam.
Now I have been asked to have the additional alias show in GAL as a separate entry.
Could not figure out how to do via the ECP.  Tried using Office Admin Portal as well.

Also tried to create a Mail Contact using the desired new alias of RecruitingTeam but that fails as it recognizes it is not External domain.

I have searched and cannot find a way to have 2 separate listings in the GAL that point to the same shared mailbox.

Anybody have experience doing this or something I can try?


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You should be able to easily create an additional SMTP address for a mailbox using either ECP or the Office Admin Portal - however that won't make it show up twice in the GAL.
It will however make it display regardless which email address is used.

However if you are having an issue adding a SMTP address using either GAL or Admin Portal method - it's quote possible you're using directory synchronisation from on-prem AD which would mean that any modifications have to be performed in the on-premises Active Directory.

You cannot have two separate entries for the same object in the GAL. You will need to create a separate object (mail user for example) and configure the alias there, at which point however you will have two different objects receiving messages and you will also have to set up some form of forwarding.


What's the underlying issue you are trying to solve here, maybe we can suggest a better solution?

I really can't tell you all the details or desired intent as I have not been able to get them myself.  I am working this through Help Desk ticket from the CEO request.

  I suggested making a combined display in GAL (Careers - Recruiting) and using an alias as the solution.

They even thought maybe creating a mail contact and trying to direct that to the Careers box might work, it didn't.

Then after a few back and forths CEO decided it was acceptable to create another shared mailbox with a forwarding rule to send all mail to the Careers box.

Might not be the best, but it was my first suggestion when they said they needed 2 separate GAL entries at the beginning.



Well, whatever it takes to keep them happy :)