2 Exchange Organizations in 1 AD forest ? 2016 with 2019 separate orgs in 1 AD Forest

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Hello All,


is it Technically possible to have 2 Exchange Organizations in 1 AD forest ?


For example, My current environment is running, Exchange 2016 with Server 2016 and AD Forest Functional Level 2016. 1 AD Forest, 3 Sites.


Assuming, I want to have my environment be upgraded to 2019, with or without a coexistence of 2016 + 2019, if i want to have an Additional Exchange Organization within my corp network of 1 AD Forest, is it technically possible .? 

I cant seem to find any relevant or official documentation in this regards.


Anyone who has any experience with this if possible, please shed some light on this. 

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Unfortunately it is not possible to have two Exchange Organizations in the same forest. It is also not possible to have a new Organization in a forest with a child domain or tree domain.

To have a new Exchange Organization it is necessary to have a new Domain on a new forest.

On the other hand, it is possible to make a trust between these two domains.