XBOX OWA theme is back!

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A while ago we had a post on XBOX OWA theme. Eileen Brown posted a 8 minute blogcast on how to customize OWA themes and - the theme files are officially available for download now. Read the rest here!


- Nino Bilic

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Hi, I tried to setup the Xbox theme but I have run into a problem. I watched the blog cast and downloaded the files needed, then followed all the steps. I opened OWA and changed my appearance to my new theme Xbox I clicked save. Everything was green and has the words Xbox in the background. One the tool bar in the far right corner is still the gif of Microsoft outlook Outlook Web Access and not XOWA. I opened the Themes folder in D:Program FilesExchsrvrexchwebthemes and opened the Xbox folder. I looked at logo2.gif and it was an image of Outlook Web Outlook. A search on Google images for XOWA got me the image I needed, and after alterations in Photo shop I have my XOWA image. I named my new logo, logo2.gif and replace the original in the Xbox folder. I opened OWA and changed the appearance to Xbox theme and saved/close and still have the Microsoft Outlook Outlook Web Access on the tool bar. Is there another directory where I have to add the logo XOWA ? <br> <br>Thank you <br> <br>Norman <br>
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One of the last original recipes I wrote for the book (for the revised Chapter 8) dealt with the topic of creating custom OWA themes. It's horribly easy to do. So what do I see last night on You Had...
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Where did Kristian Andaker's blogcast on creating the custom theme go to?
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Kevin, I just checked - and it seems like its still there?
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