Why we blog about what we blog about
Published Oct 25 2004 04:47 PM 601 Views

We've been asked many times over the last several months why we don't talk about our competition in the Exchange blog, and I wanted to take an opportunity to explain why. The purpose of this blog is to help Exchange customers with Exchange; blogging about the competition does not serve that purpose. We read the same press stories and blogs that you all do and we are not ignoring them, but we do not see value in blogging about them. We are just a bunch of of developers, testers, program managers and writers trying to help out our customers and improve our product. :-)

We're not ignoring this kind of stuff, but we are simply taking a different approach than others.  One approach is to help customers compare products via our webpage comparison info at:  http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/evaluation/compare/

As always, we use the (positive and negative) feedback we get from this blog and read on other blogs and in the news to help improve Exchange, so keep it coming! This blog has been a fantastic feedback tool for the product and the team, thanks for reading and commenting.

- KC Lemson

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