Why no talk about futures?
Published Apr 22 2005 04:37 PM 710 Views

A little over a month ago I said we'd post once a month about E12... well, what can I say, I'm human. I should have said "roughly once a month" :) We're super busy right now wrapping up one of the major milestones of the E12 project as well as preparing for TechEd and rolling out a bunch of new features in our dogfood environment (we like to wait until a feature has been in dogfood for a little while before talking too much about it, to ensure that the feature is fairly solid. That doesn't mean it's too late for feedback, just that you can be assured that it's not vaporware). We're going to hold off on talking about futures while we are heads-down working on these deliverables, plus we also want to leave room for some cool surprises at TechEd! I expect that after Tech-Ed we'll resume our plan (and include some more SP2 info too). At Tech-Ed we'll have some very cool things to talk about related to Exchange 2003 SP2, you can learn more about and see SP2 in action in SteveB's keynote, DaveTh's session, some focused technical sessions and cabanas as well as a hands-on lab.

<putting on flame-retardant jumpsuit :>

- KC Lemson

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