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Looking back at last several weeks, we have posted a lot of Exchange Server 2007 posts to our blog. We have started getting some questions about posting Exchange Server 2003 posts to the blog too. Let me explain what is going on:

With Beta 2 of Exchange Server 2007, we finally came to the place where Exchange Server 2007 is in a shape that is finalized enough so we can start blogging about it more with a high degree of confidence that the information will not have to be changed as it will be "outdated" when Exchange Server 2007 releases. We cannot guarantee this of course but that is definitely our intention.

Additionally, you have to understand that the Exchange Product Group has been working on this new exciting software for literally years now; so it is understandable that we are eager to finally start talking about it more openly. There are tons of great very talented people that can’t wait to share with you what’s new and what’s cool!

On the other hand, we totally realize that vast majority of Exchange servers in the "real world" are not running Exchange Server 2007 yet. Therefore we definitely plan to keep posting about Exchange Server 2003 too, and do not plan to turn this blog into Exchange Server 2007 only blog. However, you should expect that we will be a bit "Exchange 2007 heavy" in our posts in next several months, as we are finalizing this product for you. We are also excited about the opportunity to share a lot of Exchange Server 2007 knowledge with you so when Exchange 2007 does release, you can search for the information you need and actually find it.

As mentioned before on this blog - all of Exchange Server 2007 posts can be found in their own category too, if you want to see them all.

So – please keep on suggesting the blog topics. We have posted on many of those and want to keep doing so!

Thank you,

- Nino Bilic

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