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We've followed Raymond and Larry's leads and created a suggestion box. If you have a topic you'd like us to blog about, post a comment to the suggestion box. We're not guaranteeing we'll write about every suggestion, but we do guarantee we'll read every suggestion.

Please note: If you're looking for support for a problem you're having with Exchange right now, posting on the suggestion box is not the way to get an answer. Try looking here instead, or check out the many active Exchange newsgroups and mailing lists where you can get help from other Exchange administrators, developers, and MVPs.

- KC Lemson

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awesome idea! I'll be stealing this one tomorrow! :)
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We're using IMF and are quiet happy with it catching a lot of spam. It is especially useful as a lot of users in our organization use OWA only to read their mail. One thing that we are unclear about, is how is IMF going to be updated when the spamers (and I'm sure they will) find new ways of going around this filter? What are the future plans for IMF in regards to sender id?
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I knew you guys probably have sort of a biased/skewed view and likely don't know this - but it seems about 4-5 years, Exchange lost a HUGE, HUGE chunk of market share to (gulp) Lotus Notes.

Worst. Product. Ever.

Word on the street is everyone did this because Notes was like free or almost free. IT managers everyone just gobbled that up.

Productivity-wise, it has been a huge hit to everyone I know, becuase with Notes, it's just no where near (not even in the same ballbark) as Exchange. At this point, of all of my colleagues that I still talk to from the past 10 years - I don't know of any company or anyone who uses Exchange/Outlook anymore. Everyone is on Notes - I mean EVERYwhere.

My question: Do you see this same hit? Have you/are you going to address this somehow (maybe with price?). I speak for the masses when I say "Lotus Notes is by far the worst software product I've EVER used." and also "I really miss Outlook"

I wish you guys would do something that would make Exchange look more attractive to the powers that be!!?
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You are very wise to add your "Please Note".

I have Comments allowed for items in my FAQ (site) and a goodly proportion of the comments (which is supposed to be for corrections and additions) are in fact questions (which I don't answer except to say why I'm not answering).

The site says in a heading what the Comments possibility is for even so I hope you have more luck!
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I Agree that we have to go PSS for Urgent help if Server is experiencing severe issue.But this blog gave us lot of insight .I asked my Team members to visit this page daily to know internals of Exchange .

I would like to get from this blog :
Some insight info about the any security fix which affect Messaging .
(not just link to download page ).

Performence issues ( not in single blog with URL ) .

Monitoring experience with MOM /other 3rd Party stuff .

More about Public folders....

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HTTPS for Outlook and required types of certificate authority: server or individual client based for outlook.

Seem to have lots of guidelines on how to configure a profile but I'm more intrest in the certificate "type" required to make this work - seems to be little info out there yet also - any example of large scale deployment or war-stories
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