We would love to hear your ExBPA story!

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The Exchange team would love to hear your ExBPA story!  If you have had a great experience with our latest tool, please email "exrefcom AT microsoft DOT com" with your story!

- Michael Liu

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Wonderful tool! The tests and data. I'm even running another scan as I type. Old process: Log into each server, run checks, and update spreadsheet 2 days worth of unreliable data(unreliable because you try documenting the free space on 24 C, D, F, XYZ drives). New process: Run Scan, Look for problem, fini!!!

BUT, I need more. I want to be able to choose what goes into the Summary View. For instance, Virus Pattern Ver and disk free space. I can see the data being gathered and I can see some of it in the detailed view. (Action needed 1)

Also, I want to define my own rules. For instance if a database breaks 30GB in size I want a warning. (Action needed 2)

And the plan to put ExBPA into MOM... what a terrible idea. Should not much of this data be available via the Exchange System Manager instead?
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Here's a suggestion, how about providing the ability to have EXBPA create a REG file with it's proposed configuration change? Make it a clickable link within help. This sure would be easier than navigating around in REGEDIT for 30+ servers.
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