We have updated our guidance on Configuring, validating and monitoring your Exchange 2007 storage

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The updated blog post can be found here.

Edits made on 7/3/07:

- Updated the Log Capacity guidelines in Capacity section

Edits made on 3/15/07:

What has changed?

  1. Calculation cleanup to align with new recommendations
  2. Transaction Log Generation based on message profile
  3. Online Mode implications in terms of database read I/Os

In more detail, specific sections that have changed are:


  • Database Dumpster
  • Database Size

Log Capacity:

  • Added the table estimating the transaction log numbers
  • Log Growth Factor and examples

Predict Exchange 2007 Baseline IOPS:

  • Added the Effect of Online Mode Clients

Partition Design:

  • Lun Example
  • Move Mailbox


- Ross Smith IV

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