Wanted: Your most excellent Exchange 2007 limericks!

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If you read KC's blogoversary post carefully, you saw that she hinted that there would be new contest that we'd run soon... and here it is!

Following our very successful previous limerick contest, which resulted in some awesome limericks, we wanted to open the stage for Exchange 2007 limericks.

This time, we ask you to come up with witty Exchange 2007 specific limericks. There are a ton of new features in Exchange 2007 which should help inspire you. Stretching the limerick form is OK if it helps you create a more impressive masterpiece. We are going to accept your entries sent to us before midnight PST Monday, February 26. Then, the expert panel of judges will sift through your submissions and pick the favorites. We are still not 100% sure of how many prizes we will give away, but we are sure of the grand prize. As picture can be worth 1000 words, here is what the winner will get:

Email your entries to:

ehlocont AT microsoft DOT com

Please put "Limericks" in the subject line. You do not have to send us your snailmail address when submitting your entry, we will ask you for it if you are one of the winners. Internal Microsoft people - we will take your excellent limericks, but you will not be considered for the grand prize.

Again, to be proper we wanted to say this:

By submitting your limerick to Microsoft, you agree that you are doing so voluntarily, and that Microsoft shall be free to copy, edit, modify, license, publicly display, create derivative works, and otherwise use your submission in whole or in part at any time and as it sees fit, entirely without obligation or restriction of any kind to you or any third party.

- Nino Bilic

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Exchange 2007 released and it's fine
No work on a fix for Daylight Saving Time
So much time spent on new
Now the admins are blue
Too busy fixing DST to rhyme
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The new OWA is so fun,
With DST issues I'm done,
My upgrade went smoothly,
But where is my gui?!?!
Can't wait for service pack one!
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There once was an admin named Wes,
Whose colleagues he liked to impress,
He made it his mission
To quickly transition
And only twice called PSS!
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The " You Had Me at EHLO " blog is running a contest for the most excellent Exchange 2007 limerick. Grand
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I want to play with Exchange so bad,
To tweak and adjust with MONAD,
but my mistress is DST,
and she's evil to me,
When she's gone I'll be glad!
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The install went quite smoothly
The web access, quite groovy
imap was soon live
mail.app took a dive
My mac users are gloomy

(seriously...  anyone else having trouble with imap from Apple's mail.app?  just hangs on the "comparing notes with server" phase.)
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There once was an Exchange 2007
Thought we would all be in heaven
It all started out so great
Now our attachments are short on size
Everyone just sits back and cries
Anyone else having 10mb receiveconnector issues?

set-receiveconnector "default <server name>" -maxmessagesize 20MB

Still only is allowing 10MB attachments.

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As our Limerick contest ended close to 2 weeks now, we figured we should announce our winners. Without...
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