Updated White Paper: Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service

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Following our content update announcement - I would like to separately call out the release of new documentation related to the Exchange 2007 Autodiscover Service that was recently developed through the joint efforts of Exchange User Assistance and Customer Support Services. This refresh of the original documentation is a comprehensive and detailed white paper that includes the following:

  • How Autodiscover is found by domain-joined Outlook 2007 clients using the Service Connection Point (SCP) object
  • How Autodiscover is found by Outlook 2007 clients connecting over the Internet using DNS
  • Step-by-step instructions for configuring Autodiscover – including certificate instructions - for Outlook Anywhere clients connecting over the Internet in four scenarios
  • How to configure the Exchange services Urls
  • How to configure Autodiscover in a resource forest scenario
  • How to configure Site Affinity
  • How to configure Autodiscover in a cross-forest scenario

We have worked hard to try address many real-life questions in this paper, hopefully you will find it useful!

The updated white paper is now released and can be obtained at the following location:


- Joe Turick

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thanks for this add to the documentation.  Much needed!
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great Whitepaper! Maybe you can add a note to KB931351 for the Scenario 1 Step 1a (Optional) about how to activate SANs on internal CAs.

Regards Marc
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There is an apparent error in the whitepaper. Right under the first Visio diagram, it says that Outlook will attempt to contact these URLs:



The second one is incorrect. It should include the /autodiscover/ virtual folder:


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Good catch, Pat. You are correct. I'll get a change request in to have this corrected.


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Is the Name space used for autodiscovery cached in the profile?  I modified a users primary email address and autodiscover still tries to find the service using the old name space.  If I create a new profile it uses the new namespace.
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Yes, it is. This is indirectly mentioned in Dave Goldman's recent blog:


The information will be incorporated into the next revision of the Autodiscover white paper.
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How does the legacyExchangeDN attribute fall into the mix with AutoDiscover?
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As far as I know, it doesn't. What's the big picture...is there a particular reason you ask?
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