Updated Release of the Transporter Suite

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We have released the updated version of the Microsoft Transporter Suite. The download is available here:


More details upcoming to the CollabTools blog!

- Nino Bilic

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You guys make me laugh, with your annual updates, which always (amazingly) seem to coincide with Lotusphere!!!

What offerings do you have to migrate Sametims to OCS?
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Wow, sounds good for us, being in the middle os a "Linux IMAP4 to Exch2k7" migration. If I think well with this tool we don't need to set up a temporary Exch2k3 server to migrate data from Linux and then move mailboxes to Exch2k7. Instead we can do a one step direct migration from Linux to Exch2k7.
Am I correct, guys?
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Just noticed the update yesterday ... I was pleasantly surprised by the IMAP4/POP3 migration tool (Onedin, this may help you out download, install and test.... let us know the results). One disappointment about recent Transporter is .... where are the release notes? The only release notes I've seen online are from Feb 2007. Soo the Q that everyone's waiting for is ... what's new? The two things I'm curious about are: Does this version do anything to address "Transporter Panic" issues that I've seen on the occasional mailbox (An issues I've been working on with Shawn Z @ MS for a while now). And any benefit to running .Net 2.0 SP1 (instead of .Net with the hotfix required to install exchange 2007).

I'll be trying out the new transporter today ... if I notice anything of interest I'll post.

As always love the blog! Looking forward to the relase notes.

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We are in the middle of migrating staff from Sun JES to Exchange 2007, I hope this will help us with at least the mail side of things.

*Supported* tools to bulk import things like calendars (ical) on the server side and "migrate" PST files and other outlook profile settings from one profile (JES outlook connector) to another (exchange) would also be very useful without a lot of unsupported scripting work. I have no idea how we are going to do this at the moment.
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On a positive note - the Transporter Management shell is no longer  a resource hog when running a notes migration. I don't know if anyone else was seeing this but in previous releases transporter would consume all available CPU cycles when running a migration.

Much better now!

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New relnotes just went live.  Happy reading!
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Hello everyone, I took a look at the release notes ... while its nice to have some updated docs the release notes make no mention of what's new in the Jan 2008 release. Any chance we can get a posting here or on the Collaboration Tools side (come in kinda happy sometimes:).

Much Appreciated,
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Hi people.

One thing i've noticed was that when i make a new user within the Exchange AD and i create a new mailbox for that user, the contact that syncs into Domino is something like "logonname/EXCHANGE" in the User Name field of the person document in the Domino Directory.

This strikes me as odd , since many companies use logon name in the AD as a user number (only numbers) for application purposes and First name / Last name define the e-mail address. At least we do it like this, and now Lotus Notes users can't use type ahead (its based on the "User Name" field).

The previous version did this?


Joao Pimenta
joao dote pimenta at gmail dote com
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Okay, the tool works fine except the "migration with one admin password" option. That feature just doesn't work for us, so we have to provide every single IMAP user and password in the csv file. The release notes doesn't say anything about it, so we might be wrong. We keep testing this, any idea would be welcome. :)
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We have problems migrating from Cyrus IMAP Server to Exchange 2k7 with the tool. The tool doesn't migrate mails that have an umlaut like this one in the to- or cc- header (recipient). To: =?iso-8859-1?Q?hv11h03:_Ulrich_Ho=DF?= <E-Mail@domain.tld> It happens when the umlaut is in iso-8859-1 (utf-8 works) but this is annoying. Any solution for this? This would be the perfect tool for our migration!
Fabian Slupek
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The tool went under a lot of testing to handle different char-sets, however this may be a missed case.  Please esclate through product support so a fix can be investigated.

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Any comments on my previous comment ? :-)
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banmoe (Fabian): please keep us updated on how it goes. We also have things like that in our headers.
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Sure! Microsoft Support Team is working on this. I will keep you updated.
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Hi folks. I've been working with Microsoft support on this but thought I would post anyway. We're doing a migration to Exchange 2007 from SunOne (IMAP) 5.x. The tool does work (with individual username and password combinations... we haven't been able to get the admin password to work in this case) and the "story" is a lot better than a tool like Transend where you have to create a profile for each target user (thus you have to know the destination username and password too).

But we do see dropped mail. I've worked with Erik A. briefly and I'm working with MS on it. So far the dropped mail includes mail missing properties like the subject line, and mail that's very large, like 50MB mails. Unfortunately our customer has no mail send limits as a research institution. That said, we have set all Exchange settings for maximum message size to unlimited.

At the end of the day the workaround may be to have a good backup before we do this, and if the client screams, restore the email. It would just be better to be able to say "this tool will not drop any emails, regardless of how big they are or how blank certain properties may be in the source system".

Any thoughts or ideas from the community appreciated.
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Update from me:

Microsoft has worked diligently on this issue and we've resolved some of the issues I was having. We're actually seeing three distinct issues.

1. mails that are large (resolved) were not making it through. Resolution was to update the machine.config with maxRequestLength set higher. Be careful though, lol, I apparently messed up big time doing this once before. Note I have not been able to make this work by altering web.config in the EWS directory...
2. mails that have undisclosed recipient lists are not making it through. I believe Microsoft is working on this issue.
3. mails that have alternate character sets, particularly in the subject line, are not making it through. I believe Microsoft is working on this issue too.
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Our problem with the mails containing umlauts is solved. The colon in the displayname was not escape coded and therefor they were not migrated. We got a fix for that but we also discovered further problems. The feature with the administrator password to connect as a user to it's mailbox doesn't seem to work for us (as Onedin if you scroll up). That's kind of strange as the administrator has full permission on the users' mailboxes and the administrator password feature works with the Open Source tool imapsync so we don't understand why it doesn't work with the Transporter Suite.

I know this is not a support forum but it ssems as a lot of people have the same kind of problems here and it would be great if we could solve this out some way.


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We are in the start/test of migration process from Communigate Pro(which has its own MAPI connector).

Before the last week, I used e2k3 and its Migration Wizard as IMAP transporter. I've found that some messages became empty after migration (winmail.dat parsing problem, I see). But all Tasks and Contacts Items where looking fine!

This week I AM trying to use Inet Transporter for Inet Mailboxes - all messages migrated very good.
Now I can't migrate Contacts and Tasks!

Can anybody tell me
how to convert migated Tasks and Contacts to readable format.
how to make this tools to process only some folders, not all imap box
may be, there are any properties, that can I set in FolderMap.xml for folders to get good migrated Tasks and Contacts (ex. Do not parse = True)
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We are looking at using this tool for migrating from Sun Imap server (JES3). While it appears to work ok in a quick test with the users password I can't get it working with an admin account at all. Interesting to see others reporting the same.

Has anyone got this to work without requiring the users account details on the source server? That's not going to be an option for us :-(
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@I-AM: use the exclusion options in the xml file to avoid migration of those folders
@bogit: Administrator credential login doesn't work at our szenario neither. We've got a support call for that problem (login on to Cyrus IMAP4 Server) but I don't think that this will lead to success. I'm VERY disappointed about the fact that this tool has so many problems we have to deal with in the extremly short time frame of our migration! We will have to use an open source tool to migrate to 2k3 and from there to 2k7. This su***! And I can't really understand why the Transporter suite is unable to do proper folder mapping like INBOX to oldmail. This is something you have to consider before you release such a tool. People are relying on those tools guys! Don't make the same mistakes as with Exchange RTM.
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Update on the admin auth problem:

After sniffing the network traffic to work out what the hell the transporter suite is attempting to do with the admin account:

a0004 OK Completed
a0005 LOGIN "adminaccnt/testuser" "blahblah"
a0005 NO Authentication failed
a0006 LOGOUT
* BYE LOGOUT received
a0006 OK Completed

adminaccnt is the admin user, testuser is the user I'm trying to migrate, blahblah is the password.

I've never seen this format of imap login before and I can't find any reference to it - anyone any ideas?

What I really need is:

LOGIN "adminaccnt" "blahblah"
PROXYAUTH "testuser"

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hi bogit,
a0005 LOGIN "adminaccnt/testuser" "blahblah" is the way you logon to Exchange 2003 via IMAP using admin credentials (we use this syntax with the tool imapsync successfully) Maybe this works only for Exchange <2007 (KB 937359 says it doesn't work with 2007 any more) and the dev team didn't consider using PROXYAUTH functionality because you don't need it for the systems they tested with (only Exchange?)
anyway thank's for giving us the opportunity to discuss our problems here and maybe the guy who did this reads it and gives us a fix for that. a0005 LOGIN "admin/user" "adminpassword" doesn't work on Cyrus IMAP server :( and I don't think that is the fault of Cyrus in this case.
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Is anyone else having performance issues with Transporter? The Hub Transport (where it's installed) appears to eat a CPU core while migrating users (brand new Xeon Quad Core 1.8GHz, not the fastest but still not exactly sluggish) and takes an age (20mins) to do 4,000 small emails with no attachments using command line PowerShell with 'quiet' switches.

The same copy - on a client PC running Outlook using the old "IMAP to Exchange profile drag and drop" trick, is so much faster - leading me to believe our performance problems could be caused by PowerShell, which hardly strikes me as streamlined having worked with creating and calling PowerShell Engines and Pipelines in C#. (No this isnt an option for a bulk migration, we have to have minimal user interaction)

Even if you do multiple mailboxes at once, and each uses a core, there is no way this will scale to doing over 2,000 users mailboxes in a reasonable time - some of which have over 10,000 mails.

We are also getting many warnings, possibly where subjects are blank and similar instances noted above by others. So even if we manage to get the mail in we arent at all confident about the quality of the data transferred.

Add to that the lack of proxyauth support (surely this was tested against non Exchange IMAP!?) mentioned above and things are going to be very very difficult.

Please Microsoft, give those of us willing to make the switch from a competitor a good way to do it. I spent a lot of time convincing people how great Exchange 2007 would be and plan to implement the full UM/OCS experience, hopes are high and I need to deliver something better than a crib sheet for users to perform a DIY migration.
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Well, I believe it will be a very interesting option in the future, but at this moment it is a little bit hard to install this tool in our production messaging environment with this kind of feedback.

Keep the good work guys, but don't ask us to use this tool without some kind of support ;)

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