Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 to be released on February 10th 2009

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This is a heads up that Update Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 should be out on Tuesday February 10, 2009. As you can see the rollup release date coincides with the day Microsoft issues security patches. No points for guessing that this rollup contains a fix for a security issue. This patch has been assigned a severity rating of critical in Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for February 2009. As such customers should plan to apply this update rollup to ensure their Exchange Servers are protected.

In addition to the security issues, we have included a change which will allow Internet Explorer 8 to be used for Outlook Web Access 2007. However, this does not include the Outlook Web Access 2007 S/MIME control. We are still working on some changes in the control to make it work better with Internet Explorer 8. Look for an updated version of the S/MIME control in a future rollup.

-Ananth Ramanathan

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I can't install RU5 because of the issue detailed at http://blogs.technet.com/timmcmic/archive/2008/12/21/exchange-2007-sp1-ru5-error-regarding-replicati... (http://tinyurl.com/dhtkbq).  Will the security update be available in non-rollup form?
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Given the issues that a number of people have experienced when installing previous roll-up updates, the security fix should be available seperately. But will it?
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Is SP2 for Exchange 2007 in sight?
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From a person who is about to migrate 3500 users from Domino To a new exchange 2007 environment, I hope this update does not cause any major issues when installing. From what I've read in previous blog entries Update Rollout 5 caused a whole lot of issues.
One would hope that this update has had a whole lot more testing performed on it than whats its predecessor had.
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Just wondering if the account with which the Exchange Server 2007 was originally installed is still needed? Or is an account with Exchange Organization Administrator rights is suffizient?

Thanks a lot for clarification.

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Hi, is this Update Rollup just going to be security fixes? There are a heap of issues I am waiting for fixes for so Im hoping security is just one of the areas for improvement in this update.
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For those of us who have interim updates applied to fix a specific issue, will we be able to see a list of fixes in RU6 any time soon?

The process of obtaining an updated interim update for a new Update Rollup sucks.
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A bunch of answers:  

Steve and LookingForSolutions - no, RU6 is the only delivery vehicle for the security fixes shipping tomorrow.  We do have a fix in process for the RU5 SCR issue but we didn't rush to get it into RU6 because we did not hear a lot of outcry that this was a big problem.  In the future, please let us know at the forums at http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchangesoftwareupdate/threads/ because my team actively investigates and tracks issues that are reported to us there.  (We also listen to CSS and the reported cases there, but sometimes it takes longer to get through that pipeline).  We're also working on a workaround that we'll post here tomorrow.

Johannes - yes, but we can't talk about any formal plans or dates until April-ish

Cameron - we have the same hopes. <g>  Honestly, my team did not get a lot of negative feedback from RU5.  I know about the SCR issue that Steve mentioned above, but aside from that, I'm not aware of any particular issues.

Robert - to install an Update Rollup, you need to have the same level of perms that you would need to install the Exchange software itself

mwa - This rollup is smaller than our typical one but does have a handful of fixes and CDCRs.  We wanted to minimize the number of non-security fixes because we all know that more churn means more risk.  We're just trying to find the right balance, as pushing out fixes to later rollups means people wait longer for fixes that are important to them.  

Mike - your CSS engineer that gave you the interim update can provide you offline with a list of fixes that will be in this rollup to help you determine whether or not your fix is there or you need a new interim update.  And I hear you on the process - we're looking at ways to automate it.  Stay tuned.
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I hope event ID 4999 IMAP errors are fixed, this is incredibly annoying
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Event ID 4999 is logged for all crashes which send a Watson report. Can you provide me with the information logged in the description of the event?
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I get the following every few minutes when someone connects with imap, it only started happening after the last rollup

2/10/2009  08:07:49
Computer: []
Monitor: [Event Log Monitor] (Type=Event Log Monitor)
* Event Time: 2/10/2009 8:06:14 AM
* Source: MSExchange Common
Event Log: Application
* Type: Error Event
* Event ID: 4999
* 408, E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.01.0336.000, M.E.Imap4, M.E.D.Common, M.E.D.G.OutboundCodePageDetector.AddText, System.ArgumentNullException, 3e79, 08.01.0336.000, False
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Thanks Vipin. This issue is expected to be fixed in Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1. We will announce on this blog as we get close to shipping the rollup. Stay tuned.
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Apparently there are issues when applying this patch to Exchange 2003 SP2. When you click on the link it takes to another site where it says click on yet another link. The final link still does not provide any info as to what the issues may be. can someone shed more light on this.

thank you
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This patch is not applicable to systems running Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2. Refer to the security bulletin released today at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/MS09-003.mspx for a link to the patch which can be applied to Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2.
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Some reason from WSUS, UR6 for ex2k7 sp1 is set as "not applicable" for CCR CMS??? but it is still needed for stand alone mailbox, CAS (NLB), HT, and PF servers.
so CCR mailbox servers are not affected by the security holes?

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Microsoft Update or WSUS do not detect update rollups for Exchange Server 2007 on clustered Exchange servers. The update rollup needs to be downloaded and installed. (Details in KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/959241).
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I have Rollup update 5 installed on our new Exchange 2007 SP1,multi role server . Do I have to remove Rollup 5 in order to install Rollup 6 ?.
Update is available in Windows update . Is install smooth ?. It seems it does not require a restart but it will restart all services.

Any feedback on installing Rollup 6 is welcome ;) .

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gmiga76, as I interpreted the installation guidelines for rollup 6, I uninstalled all previous rollups starting with 5 and working back to 1. Then I installed rollup 6.  I've encountered no problems (or reboots) with this procedure on two of our servers that have the CA and HT roles.  
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Can you clarify what you mean by "Remove all interim updates for Exchange Server 2007 before you apply this update rollup." in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/959241.  Does this mean we have to remove the previous roll ups or just the hotfixes that were released in between the roll ups to address specific issues?
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You do not have to uninstall previous Update Rollups - they will install over each other just fine.  What you DO have to uninstall before installing any rollup is what we call an Interim Update.  This is a patch you would get from CSS for a server-down critical type of issue that you could not wait until the next rollup to get a fix for.  Very few people have (or need) these, but they are available for emergencies.
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Anyone have the download link to rollup 6? i cannot find it on MS site..

I had to roll back to rollup5 becuase no one could use their calendars anymore and there were all these dcom errors, but i would like to download it manually and try it again as it is a security related fix.
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Do not update to RU 6 yet. Services , OWA  are not working ..
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Yes Dont update to RU 6. OWA failed with error

Event code: 3005
Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.
Event time: 2/12/2009 7:58:03 AM
Event time (UTC): 2/12/2009 12:58:03 AM
Event ID: 1d6f1cee07ab4092a5e2cfe0e72a3a1d
Event sequence: 2
Event occurrence: 1
Event detail code: 0

Related to ASP.NET.

This is unacceptable, before RU 4 make error too.
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I deployed Rollup 6 for Exchange 2007 SP1 in my test lab and it breaks the system. Now no test users are able to send and receive emails. There is an error in even log every time when someone tries to send and receive.

Source: MSExchange Store Driver
Event ID : 1011 and 1012

The store driver encountered a poison message during message submission. The submission will be stopped for event 1469 on mailbox f6238ff5-abe3-4555-b1ec-8c8e93d85609 Mdb d274a90c-0495-4029-8b11-a4e068115bc5.


The store driver failed to submit event 1469 mailbox f6238ff5-abe3-4555-b1ec-8c8e93d85609 MDB d274a90c-0495-4029-8b11-a4e068115bc5 and couldn't generate an NDR due to exception System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcPerf' threw an exception. ---> Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionLowLevelInitializationFailure: MapiExceptionLowLevelInitializationFailure: ec=-2147467259 (0x80004005)
  at Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcModule.Bind()
  at Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcPerf..cctor()
  --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
  at Microsoft.Mapi.ExRpcPerf.ConnectionCacheBirth(Int32 maxConnections)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConnectionCachePool.GetConnectionCache(String server, ConnectFlag connectFlags)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConnectionCachePool.OpenMailbox(String serverDn, String userDn, String mailboxDn, Guid mailboxGuid, Guid mdbGuid, Object identity, ConnectFlag connectFlag, OpenStoreFlag openStoreFlag, CultureInfo cultureInfo, String clientInfoString, Boolean secondTry)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ConnectionCachePool.OpenMailbox(String serverDn, String userDn, String mailboxDn, Guid mailboxGuid, Guid mdbGuid, Object identity, ConnectFlag connectFlag, OpenStoreFlag openStoreFlag, CultureInfo cultureInfo, String clientInfoString)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.MailboxSession.Initialize(LogonType logonType, ExchangePrincipal owner, DelegateLogonUser delegateUser, Object identity, OpenMailboxSessionFlags flags)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.MailboxSession.CreateMailboxSession(LogonType logonType, ExchangePrincipal owner, DelegateLogonUser delegateUser, Object identity, OpenMailboxSessionFlags flags, CultureInfo cultureInfo, String clientInfoString)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.MailboxSession.OpenAsTransport(ExchangePrincipal mailboxOwner)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxTransport.StoreDriver.SubmissionItem.OpenStore()
  at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxTransport.StoreDriver.SubmissionItem.LoadFromStore()
  at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxTransport.StoreDriver.MailItemSubmitter.<SubmitNdrForPoisonMessage>b__5()
  at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxTransport.StoreDriver.StorageExceptionHandler.RunUnderExceptionHandler(IMessageConverter converter, StoreDriverDelegate workerFunction)
  at Microsoft.Exchange.MailboxTransport.StoreDriver.MailItemSubmitter.SubmitNdrForPoisonMessage().

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

Its good that I have not deployed it in production.
Stupid rollup.
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Hi there!

Tried RU6 on a HT-only server with the marvelous product called ForeFront installed on it today.
Not bad since it did't destroy the box.
Not perfect though since it didn't restart the services.
Even worse since it didn't present any errors.

Interesting lines from the servicecontrol.log:
[07:34:56] 0: Service 'FSEIMC' failed to start. Check the event log for possible reasons for the service start failure.
[07:34:56] Unable to restore service 'MSExchangeTransport'.
[07:34:56] Unable to restore all services for 'Bridgehead'.

BTW - the eventlog is plain blue, no FSEIMC-related entries.
The last one was 7:30 - FSEIMC service stopped.
So "failed to start" is somehow true. To be more specific: The setup didn't ask the service to start.

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SBS 2008 - I just spent the last two hours uninstalling RU 6, re-enabling services,  restarting the services, starting IIS sites...and I just hope I got them all correct!

Should I re-install RU6 and re-enable the services as I did this time?

Any help is appreciated.
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We have Forefront running on a CCR cluster. Has anyone else seen the issues identified by Klaus? We're running on Sp1 rollup 3 in production and don't have a test environment up yet. Apart from a relatively minor issue with OWA fixed in rollup 5, its been working fine. We were looking at updating all our boxes the week on 2/23, but would rather not roll the dice if issues are prevalent.
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NewKidd, How did you uninstall the roll up?
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BTW - we're running FF10SP1RU3 with the Proxy, MemoryLeak and a BuddyFix for custom notification messages.
Without fix for the currently non-working domains.dat (still waiting for it)...


@Erik: Apart from the stopped services, there wasn't a problem.
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After installing Exchange 2007 Rollup 6 on our Exchange server last night, now all users that logged in this morning get prompted to re-authenticate when launching Outlook or trying to use OWA.  I suspect that it changed IIS permissions, but I can't remember what they were before the update.  I uninstalled the Rollup, but they continue to get prompted when they launch Outlook.  I am running Exchange 2007 on a Windows 2003 64-bit server.  I checked event viewer and one of the events is:  
Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSExchange ADAccess
Event Category: General
Event ID: 2501
Date:  2/12/2009
Time:  9:28:10 AM
User:  N/A
Computer: STLEXCH01
Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGY (PID=1768). The site monitor API was unable to verify the site name for this Exchange computer - Call=DsctxGetContext Error code=8007077f. Make sure that Exchange server is correctly registered on the DNS server.

I checked DNS and there IS a valid MX record in there for our exchange server.

Any suggestion?
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Regarding the Forefront and CCR issue - I had this issue also on my CCR servers...   I had an Exchange Engineer and Forefront Engineer on at the same time...

Whereas - the exchange team wants you to do the passive node first for the install, then move the server to the patched node, then patch the active, now passive, node.

Forefront wants you to patch the Active node first, then finish patching the Passive node.
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Guys, we have a CCR deployment installed on our gateways first then the passive nodes, all went perfectly fine (did need to restart the servers for OWA to work) could probably have just restarted IIS but rebooted for good measure, So ALL GOOD HERE!
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return2sender, is the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology Service running on your Exchange server(s)?  After rollup 6 install on our CA/HT machine, that service, and many other Exchange-related services, were set to disabled and not running. I had to manually set them to Automatic and start them.  
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This seemed like a fairly straight forward update but did ask me to reboot the server. After rebooting everything restarted properly and connections are fine. I've had bad updates to Exchange 2007 and the reboot was a bit scarey.
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Jeff - Sorry for the delay...it took forever to unistall, but from the DC, Control Panel, Programs and Features, link in upper left, View Installed Updates, highlight the update and select Uninstall.  It looked like it stalled or locked up, but it just took a loooong time.  Uninstall required reboot and that's when I reset all the still-disabled services.  The install didn't require reboot, how's that for strange!?  Jason apparently had the same issue I did.

I guess I will reinstall it and then reset the disabled services, IIS, etc. again.  We use a third-party java vpn and I can still RDP and reset services remotely in the wee hours.
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I am experiencing some problems with the out of office assistant since I did the update. It still works in the owa but is not available for use using outlook 2007.
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I'm seeing a lot of issues here and i'm wondering if installing the UR6 is a good idea. I've a single copy cluster DB Server and two CS/HT server and I've installed on all the servers except the Active Node, on one of the CS/HT the Forefront services won't start. Any advice?
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I read about all of the problems installing rollup 5 so I decieded to wait for rollup 6 but rollup 6 looks like it can also shut email down for hours........
Is there a way that I can't test/check my deployment before I start the rollup?
I have three servers running Exchange 2007 a Edge SMTP with Forefront a CAS and a Mailbox/Hub also running Forefront.
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Rollup patch 6 take over one hour. It take over hour on "creating native images for .NET assembiles"
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Do Not install this patch.  We tried it on our CAS server.  OWA would not start.  Tried to roll back... OWA would not start.  After 4 hours on the phone with Microsofts's "Premier" support.  Their advice... rebuild the server and let us open a ticket for you.  The security patch did more harm than any virus we encountered... over 8 hours later, we are finally back to where we started... minus a lot of sleep..... thanks
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Hello All,

I've updated recently my Exchange server 2007 by using WSUS and from this time I get loggued the following errors and some IMAP users are experiencing troubles to access to their mailboxe :

Event ID 4999
Le rapport Watson est prêt à être envoyé vers dw20.exe pour l'ID de processus : 5152, avec les paramètres : E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.01.0340.000, M.E.Imap4, unknown, unknown, System.NullReferenceException, 0, unknown. ErrorReportingEnabled : True

Event ID 5000
Le rapport Watson est prêt à être envoyé vers dw20.exe pour l'ID de processus : 5152, avec les paramètres : E12, c-RTL-AMD64, 08.01.0340.000, M.E.Imap4, unknown, unknown, System.NullReferenceException, 0, unknown. ErrorReportingEnabled : True

How should I do to fix this trouble and how to know which patches has been applied ?

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Our server auto updated itself to rollup 6. So far we have only had one OWA user that got the message "service unavailable". A browser restart on that machine fixed that problem. We seem to be doing pretty good so far then compared to others..
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We are starting to see the 4999 issues too with the imap service constantly restarting. We plan to open a case with Microsoft Today.
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I too am seeing the 4999 IMAP restart on my server. It's pretty frustrating for my handful of IMAP users, and I'm not too pleased w/ this update. In addition to the 4999 issues, I'm getting the MSExchange ADAccess errors. EventID's 2601, 2604, 2501.
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Hello Guys. I was very dubious about installing this Rollup 6.
Anyway some feedback for you.

I have a standalone Exchange 2007 Server with ForeFront.
Windows server 2008 64 bit OS.

Update took about 2.5 minutes to install
All services Restarted automatic after Machine re-boot.
I was able to log into OWA without issue. "Seemed faster"
No problems logging in using Outlook 2007 client.

So far so good "Fingers Crossed"

Thanks Paul.

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The RU6 installation took a very long time. Even longer when you consider I am now removing it due to various Exchange svcs now unable to start.

We are offline and I am kinda cranky.

Why, oh why, do I have it set for automatic updates???

Win2003/Exchange2007sp2/TrendMicro WFB5 5.1 bld 1142
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Any reason why it takes an hour to Create native images for .net assemblies?   This is not efficient to have exchange services down for an hour
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Ken.. The reason why it takes longer to "Create native images for .net assemblies" is mentioned below and in the link

During this phase of the installation, the rollup invokes the Native Image Generator (Ngen.exe) tool. This tool completes a precompilation, or "pre-JITing," of the managed code that is updated on the system to help improve performance. This step can take a long time, and it depends on the following conditions:

The speed of the processors and the hard disk drives that are used by the computer.

The Internet connection and the access speed to the Certificate Revocation List Web site.

The Ngen.exe tool uses this Web site to verify that the publisher's certificate has not been revoked.


It took surprisingly as long as 14 hours to install update rollup 6 on our mailbox server role with the below configuration

4 GB RAM, Intel Xeon 3GHz, Windows 2003

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I haven't had any major issues with RU4, RU5, or RU6.  I do hate having to redo the OWA customizations every time. (logon.aspx, logoff.aspx, startpage.aspx, basicmessageview.aspx, basicreadmessage.aspx, and basicautosaveinfo.aspx - most people probably don't have this many customizations)

The "Create native images for .net assemblies" hasn't taken too long for me.  Going from RU5 to RU6 (not sure if that makes a difference as opposed to going from SP1 RTM or an earlier RU) I think it took less than 4 minutes per server.  I seem to remember one of the previous rollups may have taken 10-15 minutes at that step.  

Our Exchange servers:  Quad Core Xeon 3GHz (2 processors), 16GB RAM, 10K directly attached SAS storage, Windows Server 2008, Groupshield 7.0.1 (with HF447121).  4 servers: 2 client access/hub transport and 2 mailbox/hub transport.  About 1400 total mailboxes.

No new persistent errors as of the morning after applying RU6.

We have finally been stable as of Exchange 2007 SP1 RU5 along with Groupshield 7.0.1 with HF447121. Before that combination things were not going well. (I think mainly due to Mcafee Groupshield 7.0 running with Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and most importantly, Windows Server 2008 - but Mcafee finally got on the ball and fixed the issues with server 2008)

I hope your rollups go as smoothly as mine.
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I have UP4 but have same error any one has Idea UP6.0 fix it

Source: MSExchange Store Driver
Event ID : 1011 and 1012

The store driver encountered a poison message during message submission. The submission will be stopped for event 1469 on mailbox f6238ff5-abe3-4555-b1ec-8c8e93d85609 Mdb d274a90c-0495-4029-8b11-a4e068115bc5

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