Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is almost out-the-door

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This is a heads up that Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 SP1 is in the final stages of getting released and should be out in a couple of days. The next step for the Exchange team will be to release the Update Rollup onto the Download Center and then publish it to Microsoft Update. Microsoft Update publishing will happen 2-3 weeks after the Download Center publishing, due to internal policies and processes. We will let you know when this happens.

Regarding the overall patching experience, we have addressed the issue of Exchange 2007 managed services might time out during certificate revocation checks. While we will have a full list of issues fixed when the Rollup releases, some of major issues are:

  • CDCR: Need an option to apply ELC policy to only the root instead of applying it recursively to root and all subfolders
  • CDCR: Add generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false" to Exchange Services Config Files
  • SCR does not copy logs in a disjoint namespace scenario
  • SCR cannot be enabled when DNS suffixes differ on source/target in disjoint namespace scenarios
  • Exchange 2007 CAS cannot copy the OAB from the OAB share on Windows Server 2008-based Exchange 2007 CCR clusters 
  • Messages get stuck in outbox on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices When using  CAS proxy
  • CDCR: MSI patching doesn't update logon.aspx if the file is modified by customer

PS. The "CDCR" listed in titles above stands for "Critical Design Change Request" - as in actual design changes that we took on in this Rollup (we usually take on a few of those in every Rollup)

- Scott Roberts, Nino Bilic

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Good to see Server 2008 OAB bug finally patched into a Rollup.  Still no UM Diversion Header fix?
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Great news.

So now that sbs2008 has been in RTM for weeks, is the promised port of the windows server backup for exchange coming?  We really really need this!!!!!
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So if I read this right, there will now be an option for Message Records Management to groom top level of Inbox at 1 retention (say 90 days), and all subfolders at a different one (say taking on the default of "Entire Mailbox 'All other folders in the mailbox')? Basically reproducing the behavior of Exchange 2003 Mailbox Manager?
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I am also glad to see the oab issue hase been resolved for CCR.  I know you all are also aware of this issue with SCC.  Has this been resolved as well?  See Mike Shen's comments here: http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=4069211&SiteID=17
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Please let this have the promised fix for Entourage syncing breaking the OWA app pool and being able to sync more than 100 items (crossing fingers...)
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Exchange 2007 CAS cannot copy the OAB from the OAB share on Windows Server 2008-based Exchange 2007 CCR clusters  
-> It that means I can mount PF DB in CCR? when did it get changed?
I thought CCR had different log shipping mechnism so PF replication can't co-exist.
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HKIM - PF's on CCR should not exist for an extended period of time if PF replication is used.  If you only have a single CCR mailbox server then you dont need PF replication and this fine.  The problem described above is dealing with the fact that even WITHOUT replication, the OAB isnt properly copied.  
see my above link for more detail on this issue.  Also see the "Cluster Continuous Replication and Public Folder Databases" section here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb123996.aspx
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Mike Crowley - Thank you, I am aware of that
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb123687.aspx states that
"If more than one public folder database exists in your organization, you cannot use cluster continuous replication (CCR), local continuous replication (LCR), or standby continuous replication (SCR)."

I have 2 PF servers in my exchange evironment and I need to keep it so outlook 2003 users and Blackberry can manage their meeting request. Because I am have CCR, I am running 2 PF servers (one in  US and one in UK to serve 1.2GB PF DB,  ARRRRRR).

In RTM version, when I tried to create PF DB in CCR, I got warning and EMC did not let me create Pf in CCR but now EMC allows it. I verified that (in test env) it works with CCR. I was just exited that I thought I could get rid of 2 PF servers and use CCR servers to store PF DB.

Exchange team - Will M$ support CCR and multiple PF replication in CCR env in near future?

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As much as I'd like to deploy these Rollups, each one released has had its issues, some of them a little nasty and difficult to fix. We're at SP1, RU1 so we are a little behind but I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger. Do I...

Wait for SP2?
Just install the latest RU and create a support ticket if things go nuts?

And is there a best practice for RU installs - as far as whether to install on the mailbox role first, or CAS/FE? Does it even matter?

Ah the dilemmas!
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Very good news, most of the Exchange 2007 issues will be resolved with this Rollup, Certificate revocation checks, OAB generation issues on SCC, OAB issues on CCR .. good stuff :)

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The rollup should be out in a couple of hours on the Download Center. Microsoft Update is scheduled for December 9th.

A couple of us here will be monitoring newsgroups and blogs.


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Scott, can you please let us know when the exchange backup for WSB will be available?  Thanks!
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Scott would not know... but I can tell you that we do not have a firm date yet. But it is NOT forgotten. I know, this is not too helpful at this point. :(
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Please give us the plugin to backup Exchange under Windows 2008!!!

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Additional notes until we get the official RU5 blog posted..

- GeneratePublisherEvidence – While the rollup will add the entry to the config files, reminder to folks to have the right version of .NET to take effect. See KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/944752

- Folks who have modified logon.aspx and other OWA ASPX files or customized OWA in any fashion… reminder to backup the changes before installing the rollup as it will overwrite OWA files.
Looks like the OWA file replacement KB does not list the actual files which will be overwritten. I will get the KB modified and we can update the blog with a list of files overwritten.
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David, The article said the OAB issue has been fixed on CCR clusters, not SCC.  Let's hope when Rollup 5 gets released, the hotfix notes do indeed say it's been fixed on SCC and they just forgot to put that piece of information in the blog post.
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Rollup should be available today right? Please can you let us know if it is going to be today?

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I was wondering if you ever experience this:

I am running Exchange 2007 SP1 rollup 4 and my clients run Outlook 2007. I have a user stating that he sent an email and the end users (Internal) did not recieved the message; He also stated that the email is on his "Sent Items" and the To, CC and BCC does not have any recipients but he said he did added multiple recipients. I ran a message tracking report and I did not find anything. I remote into the user's computer and in fact the item is in his sent items and the To, CC and BCC fields is empty. I tried a couple of things even moving a message from the drafts but it says that the message has not been sent when you do that. I also have journaling enable and the message is not there either. This is the first time I have seen this issue. Anyone has seen this before or do you have any clues?

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Ok, "Exchange SE" has released the bits but the "Download Center" is having a problem. They have not given us an ETA and we are pulling our hair out wondering when we can get this out. :)

The KB should is live.
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Any chance we can have the KB# even though the bits aren't downloadable yet? :)
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A couple of things:
1) Update Rollup 5 should "trickle out" language by language tonight, but there have been "release issues" with our new publishing platform that are being worked through.
2) The KB is live - link here:  http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=953467  

3) We're planning on starting work on a backup solution in December - more to follow on that.

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Great, no OAB fix for SCC clusters listed in there. Only CCR clusters.  Grrrrrrrr
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SCC OAB issue is fixed
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Donwload link works now.
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not for me.  Page not found.
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Works for me and the installation was no problem
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Install for me went well too, onto 4 SCC clusters, 4 CAS/HT's and 1 stand-alone MBX server, all running on Windows Server 2008.  No issues, install went smooth and relatively quick, all services started up timely after rebooting.

New item I didn't see documented anywhere, right-click on a mailbox, there is a new option, Manage mobile device, showing stats and connectivity, pretty cool.  I wonder what other hidden gems are in RU5.

I'll not be able to test out the OAB issue on SCC for a few weeks on this system though.
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Iamme - see kb 957978
Korbyn - Manage Mobile Device is not new.
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Mike - don't know what to tell you, from the EMC, Recipients container, Mailboxes, right-clicking on a mailbox doesn't give me Manage Mobile Device...  I've checked two other systems with RU4 and it's not there...  RU5, it's there.

On the topic of Mobile devices, I haven't looked, but has anyone figured out a ps cmd to find out who has mobile devices associated with their accounts.  Without log scanning in 2003 it was impossible, but I'm thinking there must be something in neato ps cmd to at least list people who are using it.
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When will you address an issue with ESE replication errors (522) gets from Cluster.Replication.Service on passive node trying to get some log files from active node log share? This issue occurs only in Windows 2008 .
The passive node gets an 'access denied' message.


I know that it does not affect the normal CCR operation and
this message can be ignored. But it is writted in event viewer as an error. And an error is, first of all, is an error, is not?
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Mike - Yeah, I'm on crack, when I was checking the RU4 servers, I was in just the Recipient container and not Mailbox, Manage Mobile Devices is there in RU4...

Tony - Thanks for the link, exactly what I'm looking for.  Must be the BESAdmin is me, I like to know who has a device...
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Do you have an in-house BES server? Look in the BES console it should show all of the BB devices.
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I was just saying, as a BES Admin, I like to know how many devices are in use, and with ActiveSync users (non-BES) there wasn't a easy way of finding out how many people were using...  In a large organization, it was an administrative nightmare.  Tony brought up a great link though.
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I've applied RU5 to an 2 CAS/HT, 1 SCC Mbx Cluster environment, and am still having the issue with OAB being unable to generate the OAB on a shared disk.  I just get the 9334 and 9109 errors and had to reinstate Mike Shen's fix in http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3686285&SiteID=17

Anyone else have the same experience?  I did repoint the oabdropfolder location back the shared drive location and reset the permission.
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Installed RU5 over the weekend in our CCR environment on Server 2003.
Had not installed any Rollups, simply had EX07 with SP1
Rebooted even though it was not required.
Everything came back as expected. No OWA or OAB issues here.
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please list the steps for upgrading exchange 2007 sp1 Single copy cluster to rollup update 5 , and on cas and hub servers what is upgrade requirement , please guide us so we can follow the steps
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ESE Replication Errors on passive node are serious errors.
Sometimes there are more than 6 log files per storage group that can not be transferred from active to passive Node. A unexpected failover during this period will lead to data loss.
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I thing it's a rotten shame that no real backup for Win2K8/Exchange 2007 still exists.

Why does Microsoft keep forgetting what the users/buyers really want? Every time Microsoft stands still, the competition is (still) on the move.

I'm finding it very hard to sell Microsoft solutions to people who already have somewhat older 200x systems, and then ask: "what will we gain from upgrading?" I can't give any answer but "nothing, you'll loose functionality with Exchange 2007, and Vista won't run with both your roaming profiles and/or your existing programs, in particular any version of Navision prior to 4.0SP3 with roll-up fix...
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After installing RU 5 I started getting the following message in the Best Pratices Analyzer:

The SSL certificate for 'https://EXchsrv1.mydomain.net/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml' is self-signed. It does not provide any of the security guarantees provided

by authority-signed or trusted certificates. It is strongly recommended that you install an authority-signed or trusted certificate.

I have looked around and cannot find any reference to this. Thanks.

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How do you determine what Rollup Hotfix level has been applied to a server
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Found it - Sorry!
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Care to share the answer with us Rob? I can't figure out how to find which rollup level I currently have.
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If you go to Add/Remove programs you can see the Roll ups listed.  (Dont forget to check the option to view patches/updates)
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