Earlier this month we announced a change on this blog related to licensing for Multi-Mailbox Search. Since then we’ve received questions about when it’ll go into effect. The change will go into effect starting October 1, which is when it’ll be reflected in the product use rights (PUR). The PUR contain the terms and conditions for how you can use software license purchased through a Microsoft Volume Licensing program and is updated quarterly. You’ll see the change represented in the October Product List. We’ve updated the original post to include this information.

While we’ll have more to share about licensing for the new Exchange in the coming months, I can tell you this change will also carry over into licensing for Exchange Server 2013.

Stay tuned to this blog and Office Next for more details about the new Exchange and the new Office.

Bharat Suneja

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Wait until October now?! :) OK well at least this will give our internal licensing control people something more concrete than a blog post to show to the lawyers

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The licensing change won't go into effect until October? Then someone needs to tell the marketing folks because the Exchange 2010 license page says the Standard CAL covers Multi-Mailbox Search right now: