Two fixes for excessive paging on Exchange 2007 servers

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Mike Lagase wrote a great blog post on his blog talking about two issues (we have fixes for both) that can cause excessive paging on your Exchange 2007 servers.

Those fixes are described in two KB articles:

FIX: You may notice that the memory load is very high when you run an application that is built on t...

A Windows Server 2003-based computer becomes unresponsive because of a memory manager trimming opera...

I would definitely suggest that you go over to Mike's blog and learn more about it, as he explains how to narrow those problems down and see if they are causing performance issues on your server!

- Nino Bilic

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Could you please give some more advice about these fixes?
Installing .NET 2.0 Sp1 should be supported as it is generally available.
Can KB938486 hotfix be applied on any Exchange 2007 Server to prevent such issue on forehand?
I rather preinstall the hotfix but only if it is wise to do so. I know that some hotfixes are 'mandatory' .. so in what category does this one fall?

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- .NET 2.0 SP1 is supported and should be installed on all Exchange 2007 servers. During the SP1 installation, we warn you if this is not installed on the server, but is highly recommended.
- KB938486 can be applied at any time since this is an OS kernel fix. If you have drivers such as Broadcom network card drivers or an older HP ILO version, then you will definately want to install this hotfix on the server. I would put this in the highly recommended category because this can be ANY driver that can cause this excessive paging if a large memory call for MMAllocateContiguousMemory occurs. This will at least prevent your server from trimming too much of the working sets on servers causing this paging storm. Mailbox servers will most likely be more affected due to the amount of RAM and cache size that the store can consume.

Hope this helps.

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Would the memory manager hot fix benefit Exchange 2003 servers as well?
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It could, but we didn't see this problem surface much in Exchange 2003 due to the Store cache limitations and the 32bit architecture only able to address 4GB of RAM. This is a fairly new hotfix and Exchange 2003 servers have been running for years without it, so if you would like to install it, feel free as it will not really hurt anything.
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What should I check if I have applied the hotfixes above and still experiencing problems?
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I would open a support case with Support Services to get this looked in to as there are many variables here that can come in to play and "still experiencing problems" is a bit vague.

These problems are not always easy to track down and memory management just so happens to be one of them.
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Are there any negatives with applying this?  We are experiencing the problem in out x64 Exchange 2007 server with sp2 and 16GB memory...
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