Troubleshooting Exchange Store Log and/or Database growth issues

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A while ago I posted something on this subject, but - I wanted to let everyone know that Mike Lagase has just posted a very detailed troubleshooting guide for those problems on his blog. This is the most comprehensive collection of information on how to troubleshot those issues that I have seen, internally or externally.

To see it, go here:

Troubleshooting Store Log/Database growth issues

- Nino Bilic

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Store down
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Well I had similar issues in my environment running Exchange 2007 SP1 with RU8 in Windows 2003 R2 64 bit servers and root cause found to be mails struck in users outbox in outlook clients. I used to Exchange User Monitor to identify which user was writing maximum log bytes on the affected server! When this issue occures, exchange will contunie to write logs into transsaction log files and database as well. Thanks to improved Exchange User Monitor!
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There was an issue or bug in RU8 very similar to this which was addressed in Release Update 9 that was just released. The bottom of the blog entry shows the associated articles for each RU that can affect log/db growth
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I am planning to rollout the RU9 in test environement asap.
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We have just completed a Xchange 2003 to Xchange 2007 successfully. However on 2 occasions I have been told to cleanup the 2003 foot print left behind. In one occasion on the Xchange 2007 I see email was not delivered to an Efax account stating 'message not delivered' and would'nt you know it had the old email server name, which ofocurse does not exist. Is there a good cleanup tool to get rid of anything 2003 mail server, now that we are on 2007???
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Even after applying RU9 I still there is quite a lot of unaccounted space in each every exchange 2007 databases in our environment. For example if the total mailbox size is 100 GB in a  250 LUN database and 10 GB is white space then the edb file size should be 110 GB instead I can see database edb file size 150 GB. So that 40 GB is unaccounted space within the database. Even If I defrag the database size will not get reduced for that extent. I have seen the events 1221 and 701 and all are running fine and looks good. Does anyone experienced this issue?
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