Traveling places with Exchange 2007 in mind...

Published Feb 27 2007 07:08 PM 299 Views

A customer of ours sent us a photo we simply had to share! We asked him (let's call him Josh) if we could post the photo here and he agreed.

Within last few months, Josh decided it was time for change and quit his job. He is currently driving as far as one can drive South to eventually take a ship to Antarctica to run a marathon on the ice.


In the mean time, he is "spreading the Exchange 2007 love" when he gets a chance. Below photo is the evidence. Exchange 2007 rocks!

Thank you Josh and good luck!

- The Exchange Team

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excellent! thanks
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Someone even geekier than me!
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Hi there,

i was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to implement exchange? im wanting to learn exchange from the ground up, im  very fluent in outlook 2003 from a client perspective i administrate a workgroup of over 300 terminals i need to know more about exchange and so i can write a proposal to introduce it. But i would like to be fluent in exchange 2003 do you know of any newbie docos that could help?

Amy :)
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Hi Amy, if you've had no exposure to exchange i would highly recomend a course at your local college.

Failing that, best way is to get yourself a self-study guide (such as Sybex which i personaly recomend for exchange study) and use something like Vmware or virtual PC and load up a server edition and install exchange.
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