Today we reached an important milestone in the development of the new Exchange.

Moments ago, the Exchange engineering team signed off on the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build. This milestone means the coding and testing phase of the project is complete and we are now focused on releasing the new Exchange via multiple distribution channels to our business customers.

We have a number of programs that provide business customers with early access so they can begin testing, piloting and adopting Exchange within their organizations:

  • We will begin rolling out new capabilities to Office 365 Enterprise customers in our next service updates, starting in November through general availability.
  • Volume Licensing customers with Software Assurance will be able to download Exchange Server 2013 through the Volume Licensing Service Center by mid-November. These products will be available on the Volume Licensing price list on December 1.

Since announcing the Preview of the new Exchange back in July, the EHLO team has been actively blogging about the features and capabilities of the new Exchange. We’re excited to start getting the finished product into the hands of our customers!

For those who are interested in learning more about the new Exchange, check out the series of posts that have been published over the past couple months:

In addition to Exchange, the new Office, SharePoint, and Lync have also reached RTM. For more information on the announcement, go to Office News. Thanks again for your continued support, and please do keep the feedback coming!

Exchange Team

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We have a problem!  Anyone planning to upgrade from 2007, be warned of the following:

There is a known problem with installing Exchange 2010 in a domain including 2007 in that it "upgrades" your public folders so that you can no longer remove them in 2007; you get an error along the lines of:

"Object is read only because it was created by a future version of Exchange"

The fix, and only way to then remove it, is to use the Remove-PublicFolderDatabase PS command from the 2010 server.

Now to spin on to 2013, the only way to create a new 2013 Public Folder is to first delete the old 2007 ones and as soon as you have added 2013 to the domain, guess what you can’t!  And what’s more, because 2013 doesn’t have Public Folder databases it no longer has the Remove-PublicFolderDatabase command!

So what now?  Can’t delete in in 2007 or 2013 and can’t move forward with 2013 until I do!!!

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It would be useful if they updated the features of EOL to allow for retry's on failed mailbox migrations as part of a batch when performing a cutover migration - THIS IS A REAL PAIN

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Hi, first of all: great work, thank you!

just a little question: technet says "installation on core server is not supported", but can i remove the gui after exchange installation? that would be a nice feature.

thx, franky