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A few of us were sitting around at lunch the other day coming up with silly/stupid slogans for Exchange, and we came up with what we thought were some pretty funny ones[1], and decided that it would be a fun “in-joke“ for the Exchange crowd if we made some t-shirts with the slogans on them.

Fortunately, there are services on the web that make this super easy to do, and after jumping through some legal hoops, we came up with some slogans, put together the artwork from scratch and created some products:

They're sold at cost (we're not looking to make a profit here, just thought it would be fun). So far there are two slogans and 6 products, but we're working on some artwork for some more slogans we have in the pipeline, and will upload them periodically and announce the changes here. So if you're an Exchange or e-mail geek like us, check 'em out and let us know if you like them. Even wear your Exchange geek stuff to Tech-Ed (I know I will!).

(And the reason there's a onesie on there is that I have an 8 month old son and I wanted to get him some geek clothing since he's grown out of the shirts we bought him on a while ago.)

KC Lemson

[1] You may disagree. That's OK, there's an operation that can give you a sense of humor.

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You have lost your collective minds. :)
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MAPI? MAPI? You have lost it?! IMAP, therefore, I am. :)
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Take Outs: The Digital Doggy Bag of Blog Bits for 24 February 2004
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MAPI?, what about us CDOEX/EXOLEDB slaves? :)
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MAPI's easier to rhyme than EXOLEDB is all :-)

Hrmmm maybe I could do a bull-fighting ex-OLE!-db shirt... i'll toss around some ideas.
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mrrh...I would totally get a "You Had Me at EHLO" shirt...
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Sasha - That's on our list, I just haven't had time to put together the artwork yet, maybe I'll just do a shortcut with just the logo on it with no graphics. Next week though, this week's a busy one =)
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May I suggest:
"The Email of the species is more powerful than the Mail!"

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