Significant update to the Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator - v 13.7

Published Feb 29 2008 08:25 PM 971 Views

Please go to our Mailbox Server Role Storage Requirements Calculator updates tracking page to see what is in this new version! Some great new enhancements and features such as:

  • Projected Number of Mailboxes Growth
  • Network Failure Tolerance
  • Multiple Mailbox Server Support

... and more!

A blog post explaining the calculator (updated for this new version) is here.

Comments welcome!

- Ross Smith IV

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WHOA.  Windows 2008 server backup is NOT exchange-aware.  There is no way to do backups of Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008.

What were you guys thinking?  How is a smaller shop that can't afford DPM supposed to back up their Exchange server?  This is truly unbelievable.

Please tell me there are plans to reinstate exchange backups into win2008 server backup immediately.

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Great work on adding the 'new highly requested feature', Ross. :) Its very much appreciated and makes at least my own life a hell of a lot easier!
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Guys I will be posting 13.8 up on Monday.  No functional changes, just some text cleanup. Since releasing 13.7 I have had some questions regarding the multiple server functionality and how you input the number of mailboxes.  Currently the calculator states this in Step 2 "Number of Tier-x User Mailboxes / Server".  The problem is "/ Server" as that only applies to the single server scenario case.  If you have multiple servers, then you want to enter in the total number of mailboxes for the environment.  For example, if you want to deploy 5 mailbox servers and have each server house 3000 mailboxes, then you should enter 15000 into that cell instead of 3000.

Sorry for the confusion.  For now if you are using 13.7, please follow what I listed above when utilzing the multiple server functionality.
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Hi Ross, did you get to slap 13.8 up anywhere? :)
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Yes it was uploaded; just no formal announcement other than my comment here.  Just redownload it from the download page and you will have 13.8.

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Great, thank you! :)
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