Rollup 6 for Exchange Server 2007 RTM was released

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I wanted to post a quick post about the rollup 6 that was released last week, as there seems to be some misunderstanding about what it applies to:

  • Rollup 6 is for machines running Exchange 2007 Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version.
  • Rollup 6 is therefore not for machines running Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

To explain this further: Exchange 2007 SP1 includes all of the fixes that were included in first 5 rollups for Exchange 2007 RTM. As rollup 6 was being worked on during the time that Exchange 2007 SP1 was being finalized, the fixes that are in rollup 6 for RTM are not in Exchange 2007 SP1. However, there will be a post SP1 rollup released for Exchange 2007 SP1 machines which will give you the fixes that rollup 6 for RTM has. Stay tuned for that, you will read about it on this blog.

Additional reading:

KB: 937052 How to obtain the latest update rollup for Exchange 2007;EN-US;937052

- Nino Bilic

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Patrick: "Sponge Bob, I'm confused."
Sponge Bob: "Yes Patrick, I am."

Tim Hollingworth
Sr. Network Engineer
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Very confusing.  You all should have released this all at once.  Not only is it confusing, but now there are publicized problems that people can start working on exploiting E2k7 SP1 with.
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I'm looking to install SP1 at the end of this month/beginning of next - Will installing Rollup 6 cause me problems when I come to do this? Should I just ignore it for now and wait until my servers are at SP1 for an SP1 rollup?
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Clarification on the question 'Should Ex2k7 Update Rollup 6 be installed on a Server with Ex2k7 SP1?' has been offered by Nino Bilic of the Exchange Team.
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To clarify, I currently have my Exchange system running 2007 RTM. What I want to know is if I install Rollup 6 now and then in about a month try to install SP1, is it going to ...
a) tell me I have Rollup 6 (or at least identify the current Exchange version is not acceptable for upgrading) and stop me installing SP1 until I remove Rollup 6.
b) not complain at all and upgrade without any issues
c) not complain at all but completely mess up my servers
d) something else
Hence why I asked whether I should install Rollup 6 or forget about it.
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That's just stupid.
You can't install rollup 6 on an SP1 box but there will be a rollup for SP1 boxes that has the fixes that are in rollup 6.
On planet earth we call that rollup, err, hang on, I have it, errrrr, 7

Get a damn grip will you. Don't you think you've made enough mess with Exchange 2007 already without further complicating matters?
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I posted a <a href="">Top 10 Reasons to Move to Exchange 2007</a> article on my blog.  Hopefully you will find it useful.
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Sorry, I guess tags aren't allowed in comments.  Please try
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Normally I would simply say, "Thank You Microsoft... for the nice house, the nice cars, the childrens' education fund, and the sweet vacations that I would never have been able to afford were it not for your insistance on over complicating everything beyond the point that a normal human being can comprehend and making wonderfully exciting engagement opportunities for those of us in the IT consulting field". This time, enough is enough... soon I will have to call in sub-consultants to assist ME on the insanely overcomplicated situations you guys continue to dream up.
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What's the timeframe on the rollup release for SP1?
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I hope this helps as there seems to be a lot of confusion here:
In a product release cycle, there is always time when newer code (such as Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2007) has to "stabilize" and we are unable to make any more changes. This "near final" version of code must be tested (and tested again!)
Introducing new changes into it might invalidate testing that was already done.
During that time, there is the "usual" need for creating fixes, rollup updates and so on. However, because a service pack is "locked" for new changes - they cannot be integrated into the service pack code "tree".
Required updates to the code, however, continue to roll in without warning, and we need to address those required updates. If we waited to include every possible update, SP1 would never get released. This really is nothing new. We have done this before in both Exchange 2000 and 2003.
We have two paths Exchange RTM plus their required rollups and Exchange SPn plus the required updates. The rollups and the need to do Service Packs are really two different things with separate motivations…
So, Your choices boil down to:
1. Can you or have you applied SP1? If yes - then you should wait for a post SP1 rollup (coming soon!)
2. Are you not able to apply E2k7 SP1 now for any reason? Then apply the latest update rollup for RTM version of Exchange 2007.

Just balance your need between the rollups and the desire to move to SP1...
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I think one of the main questions here is:

What will happen if Update Rollup 6 is applied and we attempt to apply SP1?

Will it say "no can install el' capitan" or will it install and the fixes included in RU6 essentially be reverted back to RU5 status. I don't think any of us want to be left in an unsupported limbo state if RU6 is applied and SP1 is also applied over it.
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Sorry for getting to this so late. I have been busy putting out other fires.

Here is a summary of all the questions and answers:

Exchange 2007 RTM RU6 will not install onto of Exchange 2007 SP1. It is blocked and you will get a generic MSI error that means that this MSP (update) Is intended for another product (RTM) and not (SP1)

Installing Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 1 onto of Exchange 2007 RTM will also result in the same error. It is just blocked at the beginning of the install at the MSP logic level. Nothing really happens at this stage.

FYI - Installing Exchange 2007 SP1 effectively uninstalls the Exchange 2007 RTM MSI, and any rollups installed, and then installs the SP1 MSI. You can see this by looking at the Exchange setup logs during SP1 installation for the upgrade scenario. You will see the msiexec /uninstall action for the RTM MSI before the SP1 MSI is installed.

SP1 Rollups will be marching out about once every 8 weeks or about then. RTM Rollups stand a chance of becoming less frequent.  The majority of fixes will be going into SP1 rollups and less frequently into the RTM code base.

I am putting the above info, as well as other information, in another blog posting that will be out soon. Please keep your questions happening and I will make sure that I answer them in the blog.

Mr. Crowley:
Yes this is an interesting comment about exploiting issues between products. I will pass this on.

You should continue moving to SP1. Since RU6 isn't a security release, it seems that you could quickly review the fixes and see if any of those apply to you.

The latest rollup will always be available on the download center and Microsoft Update (MU)/WSUS/WSUS<->SMS. MU will also do the detection for you and offer the correct rollup. The downside with the MU method of deliver is that a Cluster OS will not be offered any Exchange 2007 Rollups. You must go to the download center and deploy these either manually or with a SMS-like system. This is an entirely separate topic that I haven’t written about yet and probably should.

I hope that I answered most everything. If not, add a comment.

Scott Roberts (Exchange)
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Hiya Scott, this kind on links into KB's question. For us folks whom are using SP1 and make use of clustering when would we be expecting the roll up to be ready for download?


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Thanks for the clarification, Scott, but this has me scratching my head:

"The downside with the MU method of deliver is that a Cluster OS will not be offered any Exchange 2007 Rollups."

Does this include WSUS 3.0 SP1?
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For those, like me, whom have been patiently watching this thread for news of a rollup for SP1 see below:

Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB945684)


*happy dance*

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Thanks for posting this... I was just in the process of posting this up as a separate blog post too :)
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