Released: Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 Service Pack 3

Published Apr 16 2012 09:59 AM 4,600 Views

Earlier today the Exchange CXP team released Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 SP3 to the Download Center.

This update contains a number of customer-reported and internally found issues since the release of SP3 RU6. See KB2655203: Description of Update Rollup 7 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 3 for more details.

Note: Some of the following KB articles may not be available at the time of publishing this post.

We would like to specifically call out the following fixes which are included in this release:

  • KB2617514 Include updated version of Portuguese-Brazil speller.
  • KB2696649 Exchange 2007sp3/2010 OWA CSRF via Cookie Tossing.
  • KB2696628  Read Receipt is still duplicated when connecting IMAP.

Note that this fix will resolve the CAS to CAS OWA proxying incompatibility with Exchange 2010 SP2 RU1 as discussed here.

General Notes:

For DST Changes:

Support lifecycle statement: This is the final release under standard support for Exchange 2007, as the Exchange 2007 Mainstream Support has now ended. Extended Support for Exchange 2007 SP3 will end on 4/11/2017. Please see the Microsoft Support Lifecycle page for more information about Microsoft Support Lifecycle for Exchange 2007. Got questions about Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy? Head over to Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ.

Note for Forefront Protection for Exchange users  For those of you running Forefront Protection for Exchange, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup's installation process. Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start after you apply this update. Before installing the update, disable ForeFront by using this command: fscutility /disable. After installing the update, re-enable ForeFront by running fscutility /enable.

Exchange Team

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I installed this last nite, and after a reboot all Exchange services didn't startup because their startup type was changed to disable!

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Eduardo - the normal process for any Exchange update rollup install is to change the services to disabled and then change them back.  At times the box will hiccup and not fully turn them back on.

I've seen this happen before, this is not new.  The service startup change is part of the install process.

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Not so helpful to post a link to a missing KB (2696649)


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Would it be best to stay on RU6 and wait and see if there are any hiccups with this update before jumping the gun?

I only say this because I have been burned before with a previous RU in the past.

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As long as they are not even able to either remove broken links or publish KB articles (see my post from 2 weeks ago)...

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After installing Rollup 7 when I browse to Microsoft Update (Server 2003 R2 SP2 machine) it lists Rollup 6 as an available update and tries to install it. Is this normal?

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Forefront Protection for Exchange is very resource intensive, I found that it would often grind to a hold on my mail server and also after rebooting it your prevent exchange services from starting as it imbeds itself into exchange to perform forefront mail scanning.

Has anyone else experience this same issue(s)?

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On our systems FF was abusing more than 50% of the machine's resources (Processor, RAM). That's the main reason why we upgraded from ForeFront to IronPort :)

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Hey, the link's there now!


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Exchange Team - I can't find this in our WSUS catalog to push out to servers - any idea why it's not added? 2K10 SP2 RU2 was released the same time and it is available in WSUS.

Please advise!

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As of 5/30 it's not out on MU or WSUS yet which is why you are not seeing it on either location.

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When will SP3 Rollup 7 released for WSUS? I wit since nearly 2 months.

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Hi All, Yesterday we had got confirmation from MS that there is a regression bug on this rollup which affects XCONMultipart/Mixed attachments and they all appear Inline and not part of the message body. This is to corrected on the DLLs of HT servers - Microsoft.Internal.EmailMessage.dll  and Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Transport.dll. It's so sad that we come to know this information only after we had put it across our customer environment this month. Please have a note. The resolution seems to be requesting a Hotfix with PSS.

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