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I had previously mentioned that Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 would be coming this year – and it’s here! I’m pleased to announce the availability of Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 which is ready to download.

We’re delighted to continually add value to Exchange as part of our ongoing release rhythm and the enhancements in this Service Park are largely due to your feedback. SP2 includes much anticipated features such as the Hybrid Configuration Wizard, Address Book Policies, Outlook Web App Mini and Cross-Site Silent Redirection for Outlook Web App as well as customer requested fixes and rollups released prior to Service Pack 2.

As we did with SP1, Service Pack 2 is a fully slipstreamed version of Exchange with 13 server languages and 66 client languages (including English) available in a single package. There is no separate download for client and server languages; you’ll only need to download and install separate language packs if you have Unified Messaging.

Please check out the features in more detail or download SP2 and try them out yourself.

I had also announced that we would support the on-premises configuration of Exchange in a multi-tenant environment. In order to receive support, we’ll publish a follow-up blog shortly that will outline some scenarios and point to our detailed guidance. Please stay tuned.

Thanks again to our TAP participants and you, our customers for all of the great feedback that you provide us!

Kevin Allison
General Manager
Exchange Customer Experience


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Tried installing SP2 on a UM server with Microsoft Speech Platform - Runtime (Version 11) but the pre-requisite checker said that the Speech Platform wasn't even installed.  I had to downgrade to 10.1 to get it to work.  Seems like a bug in the installer.

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Upgraded to sp2 mid Dec.  All working fine, accept...

Setting "RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications $true" no longer works.  Regardless if set to true or false, I still receive notifications if my meeting requests are forwarded by a recipient.  However if I forward a request it does not appear to notify the sender.

We are in a mixed Exchange & Outlook 2003/2010 environment.  We also run BES 5.

Have not been able to pin this down as have had an Outlook 2003/Ex2010 and a Outlook 2010/Ex2010 user both forward appointments, and I received notification.  All mailboxes are set as $true.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Where can we find the list of Exchange ActiveSync features for 2010 SP2?  Cannot find them anywhere online and really need the listing.  Thanks!

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@deattitude: Nothing new for EAS in SP2.

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is this a known Problem that some office 2007 clients always get a login Window?

this is new for us since Exchange 2010 SP2.

there comes always every some minutes a login window to:

so this Clients have alway to type in the username and Password (most of them are external contacts from a different domain)

error ID 4625 in event Viewer

how can i solve this Problem??

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That's not a known problem Thomas - in the title bar of the auth prompt, what servername is shown? That might help tell you what the client is trying to reach. What is thay endpoint and what kind of auth is enabled? Are the clients workgroup machines, or domain joined? More info needed, and you might want to enagge support if you need a quick answer, but no, it's not expected.

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Just to let you know: If you changed settings in IIS (https-redirect, certificates...), SP2 does a very good job in resetting everything back to standard. Luckily this isn't documented anywhere...


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im very confused because SP2 destroyed all of our correct IIS Settings.

our Users now get anoying login Windows that they never had bevore.

if i stop the autodiscovery service the login Windows are gone but no OOF is working anymore...

so im not happy with SP2...IIS settings are complety unuseble anymore...

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Thomas, changing auth settings in IIS is the problem - you shouldn't be doing that. You should be using the cmdlets provided with Exchange, which will make (and maintain) the settings in IIS for you. For example, if OOF isn't working now, the EWS virtual directory is the issue. You should set the auth type you want using Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory - which will make sure IIS is set right - even after applying a service pack or hot-fix. So configure auth like that, not directly in IIS.

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Stuabroad & others,

RIM has updated their "BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express for Microsoft® Exchange - Compatibility Matrix" on January 06, 2012. They support E2010 SP2. See links below for more details.

Compatibility Matrix:

[BlackBerry Enterprise Server Compatibility:]

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SP2 Update just failed on Exchange 2010 Server with Mailbox Role. After the update the Management Console was not working anymore.

Reason the Setup was giving was: Domaincontroller "xyz" could not be reached. This was not very helpful because the Domaincontroller was ok. After the update the Management Console was not working anymore.

The real reason was: One recoverd Mailboxdb was offline for a longer time and probalby moved on filesystem. After deleting that recovery Database the update was able to finish.

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Fix for the view change notification ... As I mentioned earlier with OLK 2003 this seems to be fixed. As we find out now there seem to be a similar problem with OLK 2010 in Onlinemode espcially with Preview activated. If I delete many mails keeping delete Button pressed I get the Error "A clientactivity failed" after a while.

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i had to reconfigure the IIS manually to get rid of the login boxes for Outlook 2007 users.

Something was wrong with the SSL settings after SP2 Update.

Autodiscover: Ignore

EWS: Ignore

OAB: Accept

owa: Accept

Rpc: Accept

RpcWithCert: Accept

Now it works !

OOF is also working again ;)

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Thank you for Exchange mail system!

There is Exchange 2010 SP1 R6 distribution group A -> Properties - Mail Flow Settings - Message Delivery Restrictions - Add.

I can only add MAIL ENABLED security groups -identity B. When i add B and then disable exchange properties of group B, group B members still can send emails to group A. But in future, when i need to change group A permission list, i received error: Couldn't find object B ... (Because i disabled exchange properties of group B)

So, can you please change this, that we can add not only mail enabled groups, but also ordinary Active Directory Security Groups?!!

Otherwise, i need to change security groups as mail enabled groups :(

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After install SP2 all newly created public folders not works! When I try to copy or create some element I see "Client operation failed" error. After I tried enable "Mail enabled" option and send on this PF e-mail I see "554 5.2.0 STOREDRV.Deliver.Exception:StoragePermanentException.MapiExceptionCallFailed; Failed to process message due to a permanent exception with message The process failed to get the correct properties. 16.55847:99020000, 17.43559:B9040000C2000000000000000000000000000000, 4.32881:B9040000, 0.50035:02000000, 4.64625:B9040000, 0.50128:00000000, 255.1494:35000000, 255.26426:A1000000, 0.36739:40000200, 4.59585:B9040000, 0.20794:06000000, 4.28474:B9040000, 5.22330:0000000031342E30322E303234372E3030333A4E4954524500000000, 255.1750:00000000, 0.50288:05000780, 4.23354:B9040000, 0.25913:05000780, 255.21817:B9040000, 0.20385:0F010480, 4.28577:B9040000, 0.32001:EC030000, 4.29953:B9040000 [Stage: CreateMessage]". How I can resolve It?

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I have successfully installed SP2 on my Lab platform, and on my production platform.

Originally, i was interested in SP2 because of ABP, kind of customers segmentation. But, I don't know why I thought that, I tought that ECP would also be affected by ABP. Nop... So, disappointment...

Is it a huge improvement to include ABP in ECP ?

Is there an other solution, as for instance, being able to change the different readscope involved in ECP, to limit visibility ?

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@ anais06 - read the hosting guidance whitepaper as it covers what does, and does not work in ECP when ABP's are in play.

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