Released: Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator Update

Published Dec 04 2013 10:32 AM 23.4K Views

Today we released v6.1 of the Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator.  You can view what changes have been made, or download the update directly.

Ross Smith IV
Principal Program Manager
Office 365 Customer Experience

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Wow the difference between v5.9 & v6.1 is pretty drastic - any updates on this?
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This is great, this update will be helpful for our Exchange 2013 CU3 On-Premises deployment project.

Thanks Ross :)

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I'm glad to see the CPU % requirements estimation has been reined in a little bit from the previous 5.9 calculator! :)

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I take that back, I must have fat fingered the data input my first try.

Our same user messaging profile in 2010 takes 20% CPU utilization on our 8 core SPECInt2006 rated CPUs of 251, and in Exchange 2013 the exact same configuration (user messaging profile, DAG configuration, etc) takes 111% CPU utilization.

Thats a 500%+ increase in CPU requirements and we had hoped there was a mistake in the calculator math because while we understand there is more work going on the mailbox role in 2013 (hub transport is integrated, multiple STORE worker processes now, database page compression, etc...) that seems excessive.

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This calculator is going crazy, it gave 155 TB storage  requirement for 2500 seats. 2 servers with 4 Active DB each on Production Data center and having the same number of servers on DR site.

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I am getting some really wacky results that make no sense. When I plug the exact same numbers into both the Exchange 2010 Calc and this new 2013 Calc it tells me I need 50-100% more CPU resources depending on the numbers I put in.

If this is correct, then it appears Exchange 2013 requires at least 50% more CPU resources than Exchange 2010 to run the same number of users. Is this correct...and why?

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Did we ever resolve whether or not the calculator is accurate as is or do i need to wait for an update? I don't want to go through the hassle of creating a calc result, present it my company, ordering equipment, and then find out I did not spec the hardware correctly and we have delays and issues. I need 100% accurate results with no errors. Will the Exchange 2013 Server Role Requirements Calculator v 6.1 work correctly or should I wait until v6.2 is announced?
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