It is no secret that if you are an Exchange/Office 365 administrator you will no doubt have to troubleshoot Outlook connectivity at some point. Whether you use Exchange Online, on-premises, or some combination of both, you will inevitably have an issue with Outlook performance, connectivity, profile corruption, or some other unknown Outlook disease before retirement.

To assist you with these issues, we have released a Guided Walk Through (GWT) for troubleshooting Outlook Connectivity issues in Office 365.  There are a couple of ways to access the troubleshooter.  You can access it directly at:

In addition, it will be embedded in various Outlook connectivity technical resources such as the following:

The purpose of this walk through is to assist you in resolving these complex issues by focusing on the scoping and steps used to isolate and resolve problems. Therefore the walk through starts by focusing on commonly encountered symptoms related to Outlook connectivity.


Consider that there might not be a single solution, but a combination of factors contributing to the problem. Following the walk through will allow you to isolate and remedy the most common causes of Outlook connectivity issues to Office 365.

This walk through is not meant to replace all of the data that helps you understand Outlook connectivity issues, but rather quickly give you the steps you need to help find the solution. The walk through focuses on all version of Office 365.

I wanted to thank the people who helped make this a reality. Here are the parties involved (that I am aware of):

Exchange/Outlook support:

  • Kevyn Pietsch
  • Timothy Heeney
  • Nitin Shukla
  • Nagesh Mahadev
  • Jeff Miller
  • Jon Bradley
  • Jeremy Hayes

Documentation / content creation teams:

  • Charlotte Raymundo
  • Serdar Soysal
  • Geoffrey Crisp
  • Star Li
  • Chen Jiang

Nagesh Mahadev

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This is fantastic! Thanks guys.

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What should we do when "The issue comes and goes with no changes to the client"?  Last week my outlook 2013 client was only loosing connectivity a few times a day an only for a few minutes each time.  This week is MUCH worse, the dropping of the connection is happening more often and can last over 30 to 60 minutes at a time.  The performance of OWA has changed this week as well, it used to crash (ntdll.dll fault) internet explorer most of the time, this week it does NOT crash internet explorer (again, no changes at my end) but does hang trying to get to the web site (about half the time).  The current OWA errors are "This Page can't Be Displayed" or ":-( something went wrong".  Again no changes to my configurations (Outlook or IE) in the last couple of weeks.  I am located on the Redmond campus in Studio X, these problems all started the day my email server was changed to the Office 365 email server (around May 1st).

Could you provide a simple SERVER test we can invoke to see when the Office 365 email server is actually working?  (like "pinging the server" in the old days, but relevant to the Office 365 system).

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Good One Nagesh :)

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I know that Office 365 as a service has been experiencing some problems...especially post-upgrade recently but I this format is awesome for resolving some of the proverbial low hanging fruit.

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I am having trouble with the "exchange" problem right when I sign in. It says, "Setting up exchange...this may take a few minutes." and I've waited a very long time and have kept trying to log in the past week but it doesnt seem to want to exchange for me. Any comments?