Our blogoversary is coming up - have any questions on Exchange 12?
Published Jan 28 2005 09:11 AM 1,321 Views

You've probably been seeing the news reports about E12 and wanting to know more. Well, the one-year anniversary of this blog is coming up on February 9th, and we thought that would be a good opportunity to give our readers a chance to ask us questions about Exchange 12. RTM is still quite a ways off and there are still many things we're working on, so we won't be able to answer everything (after all, you wouldn't want us to tell you one thing and have it change a month later :-), but we'll answer what we can. So if you have a question about Exchange12, add it as a comment to this post. We'll collect the questions for the next week, pick five or ten of them to respond to and we'll post the answers on February 9th. Happy blogoversary!
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