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We wanted to let you know of some exciting changes that we have decided to act on in Exchange future... Since the release of Exchange 2007, there was a lot of discussion about user interface options. GUI vs. Command Shell and all that. We looked closely at all of this feedback, and this very morning, finally came up with the solution that will catapult Exchange Server even further as the next gen Enterprise messaging system! Here is a short breakdown. We would love to hear your feedback:

  • Exchange Server will not be manageable from local machine anymore. Our support case research indicates that majority of configuration mistakes are done by Administrators that are logged on locally, through the server console. Because of that - installation of Exchange will disable the Windows OS ability to log on locally, except using the Guest computer account. Which will not let you do any damage to the server. Which will solve the problem.
  • In order to make administration easier as well as more pleasant, each purchase of Exchange Server will come with Microsoft Surface product in the box (we had to increase the size of the box; actually it's more like a pallet now but we figure people like to open big boxes.) In fact - Microsoft Surface is the primary administration interface for Exchange of the future.
  • In order to facilitate the use of Microsoft Surface to administer Exchange, we have worked with Microsoft Research who came up with a nice and friendly child-drawn animated UI that will guide you through administrative tasks. Clippy, is in fact one of options of the "guide" that can be chosen, as we wanted a friendly face to guide you through the tasks that you need to do. Other options include a fluffy kitten, a puppy and a big-eyed deer - all in the effort to calm the overworked Administrator. Administrators can also upload their own photos (like photos of family members) which will help with their work-life balance.

  • Along the same lines, we have decided that future management tools will not run on desktop computers at all. We will be however shipping the version of management tools that run on Windows Mobile devices. Touch screen is not required but is recommended for best experience. Because you might need to enter Command Shell CMDlets through the phone, a physical keyboard is recommended as well, so some... you know, "other" phones will just not do. Our customers will also have an option of hooking up one of these to their Windows Mobile phones to help with data input. Seriously - they are not really that big!
We are very excited about taking the leap into next generation of enterprise software! Tell us what you think! - Nino Bilic
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