If you have a SonyEricsson P900/P910 you can now synchronize with Exchange ActiveSync!  In fact, not long ago (7/5/05) DataViz announced the availability of the new RoadSync application for the P900 platform.


You can get all the juicy details here.


It seems that our friends at DataViz have quite a lineup in store for us… check out their roadmap!


- Max Ciccotosto

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I see Dataviz supports the Treo 600 and 650. We have a JPM setup and since Good just bought JPM and decided to charge $300+ per license we need to find another solution for our 600 and 650 Treos.
Thanks for the link to the Dataviz info.
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Adam, I am sure you know that the Treo650 has native support for Exchange ActiveSync.
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I saw this at TechEd in Europe and was gobsmacked. It really does work well and the UI they have on the device is nice and slick too ... and what is even better is that with Exchange 2003 SP2 they said they would ship an update that would allow "push" too. Just Awesome!