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For those of you who do use Full-Text Indexing, how many of you wished there was a way to better administer Full-Text Indexes as well as get more information about the Full-Text Indexes?  Your wish is our command!
This tool does a couple of additional tasks other than just the regular administrative tasks that you can do via Exchange System Manager (ESM):

1. Determine which Exchange Stores in the entire Exchange organization have a Full-Text Index associated with them.

2. Get the status of any existing Full-Text Indexes on a specified Exchange Server.  This status information goes beyond what is displayed in Exchange System Manager to include such things as the file locations and whether or not the index is enabled for searching.

3. Detect and repair any known misconfigurations on a Full-Text Index 
   a) Index location path stated in ESM is not correct. 
   b) Crawl seed no longer correct due to either the Domain being renamed or a change to the Primary SMTP Address for the Default Recipient Policy.
Hopefully you will find this tool useful!

- Chris Ahler

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Does the text indexer also index text in attachments such as .docs?
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Yes, thanks. Found the answer moments before refreshing this page at
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Is Full-Text Indexing supported in Exchange 2003 running in cluster? I know it wasn’t in Ex2000.
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Full-Text Indexing is supported on both an Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 cluster. Not sure where you heard it wasn't, but the Best Practices for deploying Full-Text Indexing does refer to Full-Text Indexing running on a cluster:
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I can’t remember where I got the information about Full-Text Indexing not being supported. Thank you Chris for the good news and information!
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