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Max mentioned that I would be posting more news from 3GSM next week... well, I am starting a little earlier.  Our friends at DataViz sent me an email letting me know that RoadSyncv2 is now available.  You can find more info here:

This means that even if you don't have a device that supports Exchange ActiveSync out-of-the-box you can still get your email "DirectPush-ed" to your device using RoadSync!

- Ed Hott

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Hi there, Neato solution but does anyone know if MS or anyone else will offer a push mail solution for WM2003 devices. Active sync works but its not ideal and can get costly.

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After Windows Mobile 5 enabled PPC/Smartphone(eg:Palm 700W) came out, it has been a nightmare for me.

- There is NO WM5 device that supports remote wipe. If I activate remote wipe, it stops delievering email but it does not wipe out the device.

- Exchange is still relying on SMS to send wireless active sync request to WM5 devices.
(How do I enable direct push?)

- Verizon is giving out CD that has verizon Wireless sync, which can be installed on a PC and push emails from the  PC to WM5 device. I have no idea who is using it and if I can remote-wipe that thing if the device is lost.

- There is no password expiration.

- I am considering deploying WM5 and get rid of Blackberry, but it requires technologies like Goodlink(for a good security). I already have a blackberry server and I don't want to support another messaging server. My exchange servers will be NLB/clustered and having non-redundant server is not good.

From a very frustrated exchange admin
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Hi Hyeong Kim,

The Palm 700w does not have the "Messaging and Security Feature Pack" installed.  This is the reason why you cannot get all the new SP2 features yet.  You should get in touch with Verizon to see when Palm plans on releasing the device update for your 700w.

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