Microsoft Exchange on Twitter: A new hash tag for Exchange

Published 03-19-2012 12:35 PM 2,498 Views

If you've been following the #Exchange hash tag on Twitter, you may have noticed the increasing spammyness of this tag - from tweets about stocks & stock exchanges to cultural exchanges and everything in between. We've also heard from many of you who follow us on Twitter, and noticed the recent spate of inappropriate or offensive tweets that include this tag.

What's a hash tag?

A hash tag is a keyword or topic marked with the # symbol in a tweet. It's used to categorize tweets about a topic. Clicking on a hash tag shows tweets that include the keyword. More about hash tags on Twitter.

#MSExchange is our new hash tag

Starting today, we're moving to a new hash tag - #MSExchange. Although we can't guarantee this tag will be totally spam-free, we're hoping you'll get more targeted tweets when searching for or following this tag. If you tweet about Microsoft Exchange or related topic, please use #MSExchange to tag your tweet. For example:

VIDEO: The Updated Exchange Deployment Assistant for Exchange 2010 SP2 & Exchange Online Hybrid - #MSExchange #tools

If you're on Twitter, we welcome you to follow us @MSFTExchange for the latest on Microsoft Exchange, including post updates from EHLO.

Bharat Suneja

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You know, the whole M-Sex-Change joke was old when I started supporting Exchange 4.0 the day it released.

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Be sure to know that you just got a follow from @chromebuster 19; that's me.  

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