Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) Program Now Offers 30% Limited Time Discount to Get Trained and Certified

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I got a lot of great feedback for the recent post I wrote about the Microsoft Certified Master Program, and not unsurprisingly there were some comments posted about the price.

Given the state of the world's economy, and knowing that costs for things like training are often one of the first things that get cut, we have listened to the feedback given, sharpened our pencils and have decided to offer a discount to fill the remaining seats we have in March (March 16th to April 4th) and May (May 4th to May 23rd). In uncertain economic times, having unrivalled skills won't do anyone any harm in the job market and if you read the comments following my last post, you will see no one there doubts this training is worth it.

So I'm posting the announcement below here first; the MCM Web site will go live with this announcement later this week, as it is likely the successful candidate in the Program is reading this blog. So if you want to do this, go sign up. Really, go sign up now. Half the seats in March are already filled. I want to fill the class, so I hope you take advantage of this offer.

Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) program now offers 30% limited time discount to get trained and certified! (Offer Expires on February 14th!)

Today, Microsoft provides additional support to its customers and partners by offering a limited time 30% discount (US$5,550) for the Microsoft Certified Master programs allowing to you to save on your training investment.

If you're a seasoned IT professional focused on the Microsoft platform, it's time to differentiate yourself from your peers while bringing further IT efficiency to your organization. The Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) advanced training and certification programs have opened their classroom doors for candidates from around the world in Redmond, Washington, United States. The classes are designed for IT professionals with approximately 10 years of experience in the industry and focus on one of the following core Microsoft Server technologies: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 - Directory, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007.

A recent survey of program graduates reported increased productivity and billable rates for some certified individuals.

Apply now, and upon acceptance provide payment by February 14th, 2009, to save US$5,550 on the Microsoft Certified Master program of your choice (30% discount)!

Note: training classes in beta have a 50% discount which cannot be combined with this offer.

-- Greg Taylor

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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the post. Do you have any idea when the MCM program might be available outside of the US such as in Australia? The cost of the program plus travel makes it way too expensive to consider as I would be paying for this myself.

Thanks in advance.
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I know and the MCM program is a very nice program and can help us a lot with our career, but even with this discount it is a very expensive program. Even more expensive for non-US people because of a lot of additional bills like Visa, Tickets, etc..
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I am currently running this past my companies money men to attend in March. This announcement has greatly improved the business case for me. Hoping to get it signed off quick and apply.
Will be travelling from the UK to attend.
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@ Sean - we are still deciding which locations to run the Program(s) over the next year. We would like to do one in your part of the world (I've never been to that part of the world... so there's a good reason... :) ) but as of now, no firm plans. As I have said in replies to the previous post though, you would still likely be paying for a hotel or some kind of accomodation whether it runs here in Redmond or in Australia (unless we run it at your house, which isn't terribly likely), so the only difference here is the flight. I know that still isn't cheap, but I just want to point that out. Commuting to the training is rarely successful, the days are just too long and intense.

@ Arley - At the price we are offering the Program we really are just covering our costs. The experts we have teaching, and the resources we use, are all very expensive. All the same, we know the price will still be out of reach for some markets, and whilst we would like to be able to do something about that, we don't yet have a model that allows us to reduce the cost without sacrificing the quality. And I'm not prepared for us to sacrifice the quality. This isn't your average training course.

And @ Brian - great, see you next year. Get some sleep in now, you won't get much whilst you are here.
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Just registered yesterday and will hopefully see you, and Brian, there.
I'm waiting for the partner portal to update so I can start uploading those documents.
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Good news. I got the provisional OK from my company. A few hard hitting caveats and conditions, but I think it will be worth it. Just need to dig out the CV later tonight and then get the application in.
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Can you let us know what the planned office hours for the registration team are going to be over the Xmas break and New Year? Just wondering if everything will more or less go on hold for 2 weeks now?
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Hi Greg  this is chidambar  from India '
I was very happy  when I saw ur  
offer  of MCM certification .I am Non
resident of U.S.A  please give the
details of  certification.  I am very
thank full  to you.
        I will hope ,you will give the  
response.                   your's
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Hi Greg,

Would this program be a waste for someone who have just worked with Exchange for a few years? I am certified on Exch2003, Exch2007 and Exch2007 Designing, but havent worked with Exchange for more than 3-4 years. Should I wait?


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Our registration hours over the holidays are as follows;

Monday, Dec 29 – 8am to 5pm (PST)
Tuesday, Dec 30 – 8am to 5pm (PST)
Wednesday, Dec 31 – Closed New Year’s Eve
Thursday, Jan 1 – Closed New Year’s Day
Friday, Jan 2 – Closed

Monday, Jan 5 – Resume regular business hours of 8am to 5pm (PST), Monday through Friday

@Chidamabar - All the details you need at at the MCM web site contained in the links in the article. US as well as Non US citizens are most welcome. I'm one after all....

@Remjak - in all honesty, yes you should wait. If you aren't working with Exchange day to day it is unlikely you will be able to obtain the certification first time round, but of course you will still learn a huge amount, but I really would suggest this course for anyone that is not working with Exchange daily.
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It would be great to see the experiences of people who attended the October Delivery (Exchange) and advice for us coming in January and March deliveries
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The advice I gave in my first post is worth following, as the comments showed, from people who attended. No-one has blogged about their experiences for two reasons - firstly, they don't have time, secondly, they don't have time....

Seriously though, it is interesting that no-one has really written anything about their time on the program, perhaps a former attendee (other than myself, having already it) would like to?

Best advice is, as I said before, put all other things aside, work on your weak areas before you arrive, arrive early if you have time differences and give it 100%.
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Thanks Greg, what was an average passing ratio in last two deliveries?
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In the rotation before last, around 65% passed all the exams first time round, in the last rotation it was lower at the end of the delivery, but with re-takes I would expect the pass rate to be around 75 - 80%.  

There are opportunities to take exams up to three times, and plenty of people use them, and that's fine, this isn't level 200 stuff....
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Thanks Greg,
Since many other programs ( MCM Programs) are getting 50% discount, can Exchange folks have the same discount in these difficult economic times?
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The other programs you refer to are in Alpha or Beta, Exchange is RTM and so the same discounts are not available. 30% isn't to be ignored for 3 weeks of training, it's a lot of training and experience for your money.
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Where do students stay during training? In hotel nearby?

Also, is this 3 weeks of straight training? Or do you have Saturday/Sunday off?
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Hi Mike, most candidates either stay locally in a hotel or an appartment, which means you can avoid eating the entire room service menu. Many people also share to keep the costs down, I did when I attended.

With regard to Saturday/Sunday.... we don't have class (any more, Iwe did when I attended) on those days, but you will have lab homework and study to do for the Monday morning exam. Count on working a 6 and a bit day week. There's plenty of time for sleep when you leave.
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Not sure if anyone will see this but.... my team just started a new blog, and one of the first postswe have is the story of Masters, from one of those that just went through - just what you were asking for malkoo. Enjoy -
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Thanks Greg, themasterblog a good moral booster and setting the expectations right. Riaz Malik -
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